Pinehurst, North Carolina
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Rooms to Go advertised a leather collection which we purchased. The swatch they gave us stated it was genuine leather.

The receipt states leather. However after having the product for 4 years, of course now they claim it's not under warrenty. The collection is peeling, chipping which means they sold us anything but leather. They will not stand behind their product.

The CEO will not respond to letters or emails.

Not a store I would recommend to anyone. We are not people who can afford to go out a purchase new furniture every few years.

We were purchasing leather because it lasts forever. We know it's not leather because if you place a flame under leather it doesn't burn, well our "leather" burns.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I have the same issue with you bought my in 2007 now it is peeling and they are saying not under warranty


I like fake leather bc when I sit on it naked my balls dont stick to the fake leather. I live in Orlando too and like baywash babes!


I've just been had! I too believed was buying real leather, but I just found out it's synthetic and talked to the manager at the store and said that his area manager told him it was 100% leather. He told us have a nice day.


Real Leather? You're kidding, right? It is usually actually 15 percent real leather (which is different from genuine leather) and 85 percent plastic.


Mr. Seaman (CEO of ROOMS TO GO) does not care about you, me or anybody else.

I met the man (all 5" 4" of him) and he is the cockiest person I have ever met. Good luck with your situation.