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For Christmas I purchased a complete bed room suit for my pregnant wife to make her more comfortable as she goes through the next 9 months. I went to my local Rooms To Go and purchased a Bed, dresser w/ mirror, 2 tables, mattress and box springs, and an armoire. We scheduled a date for the delivery on December 20th 2007. I stayed home to set the furniture up and surprise my wife.

Upon delivery, 3 of the 5 pieces of furniture were damaged. I was shocked at how furniture that seemed so well packed, could be in such bad shape. These problems were documented on the delivery guys' computer and someone called soon after to schedule repairs for two pieces and delivery for one entirely new piece. Now I have to take more time off to fix their problem. Oh' well I knew it had to be done.

Problem solved right? Wrong. No one told me that there would be two separate deliveries; one for the new piece and one for the repairs. I take another morning off of work to wait on the reps to take their own sweet time to get to my house. The first truck gets to my house at 9:45 am and informs me that they are only prepared for 1/2 of the work and that I'll have to wait for someone else to fix the brand new furniture that I spent $4000 on.

I decided to run a quick errand 3 miles away that I had to complete as I was not expecting to take the whole day off to wait on Rooms To Go. Shortly after leaving I received a phone call that the Service Agent was at my house and was wondering where I was. I stated that I was just around the corner, apologized for the inconvenience and that I would be there in "two seconds". Seven minutes later as I am pulling in my neighborhood I receive a call from the "Service Supervisor", Elaina telling me that she has instructed the Service Agent to leave. I apologized for the delay, informed her that I was now at home, explained that I was unaware that two separate trips were being made to fix there error, and asked to have him turn around and come back to my house. She immediately caught attitude with me and said that he would still be at my house if it had only been "two seconds". Obviously this figure of speech meant nothing to her, and her attitude grew and grew the longer we stayed on the phone. She explained how it was my fault for not being home for my service. I kept trying to explain that if she just call him that I was home. He couldn't even be a mile from my house now. The only option that she give me was to reschedule - more time off of work. I asked to speak to her supervisor... big mistake as she quickly informed me that she was the supervisor. I asked to speak to her boss, and she told me he/she "wasn't taking calls today". She gave me the general customer service number and told me that if I had any complaints to send them their way.

Upon calling customer service with my complaint and just wanting to get what I paid for, I was told a supervisor would call me back within two hours. Four hours later I received a call from a lady who claimed she was a supervisor, but still did not want to help. The would reschedule someone else to come out in two and a half weeks. This was her answer, the only way that Rooms To Go would fix their error and she was sticking to it. I asked to speak to her supervisor and all she would give me was an address to write to.

So now I have been setting here for the past two weeks with scratch and dent furniture that I paid almost $4000 for. No one at Rooms To Go seems to care and every "supervisor" that I have spoken with has been incredibly rude and extremely unhelpful. It will be another 2 weeks until I get what I paid for, nice new furniture. No one at Rooms To Go will make any arrangements to fix their mistakes.

This was not my first experience buying from them, but it will be my last. I tried to have them take it all back, but they have a "No Return" policy. Apparently they also have a "The Customer is Always Wrong" policy.

This company wasn't willing to wait 10 minutes on me, but I am expected to wait hours on them.

Please, for your own sanity, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Rooms To Go!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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My God,

You must be talking to the same people I am. Doesn't it seem as if everyone there is "the supervisor"

I purchased a $1K leather reclining sofa from them and the front of the middle section is so weak you literally slide off the sofa when you sit on it.

I called right away, and had to have one of their service techs come to the house.

What a freakin waste of time. Arrives around 10AM, sits on the couch, says "This isn't something I can fix, I'll report it to customer service, you should hear from them within a week" and leaves!! For this I had to take a day off from work!!

The following week, they call to say the tech's report says the sofa is "within acceptable condition". What the heck does that mean?!?! If I was accepting it's condition would I be calling?!?! Their reply was "we'll send another tech out to look at it", another day off.

When I asked what would happen once THEIR tech filed his report (can we guess the results it will be) and I'm still not satisfied, she refused to answer, just kept saying she was the supervisor and they have a procedure to follow.

I cannot wait to see how this plays out. We purchased over $4K worth of living room furniture that day and I truely wish I had spent my money elswhere.