Austin, Texas
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Bought a new serta mattress set. The mattress sagged in the middle and had no support.

Called rtg they said we had to wait for 30 days to see if we adjusted to it. Called after 30 days and they sent someone to measure the sag in the bed. We got the results about two weeks later. They said the mattress was within limits.

Now we are stuck with a actress that is defective, and no recourse. What's even worse. We wasted over 1000 dollars. Do yourself a.favor.

Don't do business with rooms to go. I'm done.

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Same here, we got a factory defective Serta mattress (twin, but wrong dimensions, do not fit in the twin bed frame) and rtg would not accept returns or even allow exchange. They are sending out a tech to "look at it".

From reading these reviews, I see that I am stuck with a useless mattress regardless of how things go with the "tech".

Complete scam. I wish I have read these reviews before dealing with rtg, NEVER EVER AGAIN!