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I am a one time shopper @ Rooms to Go. Purchased a sofa/loveseat w/tables.

First received the wrong tables, lost time from work in getting the correct replacement. After having the sofa for one month, it was lumpy and looked like it was 10 years old. Tech came to my home, said it was defective filling. Corp rep called several days later ask for a picture and agreed it was defective, told I could do a reselection along with the amount of my credit.

The original store charged me an additional 216.00 stating my original set was less than what I selected. Needless to say, this was a bold face lie. The prices were the same but I could not prove it as my original receipt did not list individual prices.

If you decided to buy from there, make sure your receipt has the price of each item otherwise they will pull the same *** on you.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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To: David Johnson: Again, thank you for your response, although I do not agree with your assessment and have sent my response to tellus@roomstogo.com, so no need to repeat myself.

To: SDallas, I will not waste any more of my time with you. It was my money, my time not yours.

I am happy you are satisfied with your furniture but that is not my case. As for my personality, I am doing just fine. I am a professional and I am direct with my speaking. I do not need to result to the use of or insinuating the use of profanity.

As for being nice, you really cannot form an opinion based on my being upset that I received poor quality furniture. I will say I like you as you would present a good challenge for me.

I love a good debate. For the record, I am the spelling police as I give the best of me and ask the best of others.


To PTSUN77: I know how to spell people. It was a typo. You're not the spelling police, so stop being a ***.

I not worried about your assessment of my intelligence. I'm doing just fine. As a software engineer, I am quite comfortable with my level of intellect.

I never claimed that you were a whiner or a troll. I was merely stating that there are a lot of them here. I never said I disagreed with your position. A person has the right to complain when they are cheated as happens all too often in today's world.

Now, let's talk about your manner and personality. You are a ***. Why are you so interested in how people spell? You obviously lack a certain grasp on how the world works. Being a *** is not going to get you far with people... Try being nice and unclentching a little.

Oh, and by the way, I have a house full of Rooms-to-Go furniture and I have never been unhappy with a single piece of it. They are a quality company with excellent products.


After reviewing the orders we have found that you were correctly charged for the new sofa and loveseat. When a customer reselects on items that were originally in a package, they are responsible for paying the difference in retail from the original item to the new selection.

Only paying the retail difference ensures that your package discount from the original purchase are kept intact. The new sofa and loveseat you chose each retail for $100 more then your original selection, therefore, your new order was correctly charged at a $200 increase.


To David Johnson, I will gladly send you the order number along with the photos.

Thanks, PT


To SDALLAS: Obviously, you are not an intelligent person as you cannot spell people(peopl) and if you are watching Springer, this tells alot about your mentality. I am not a whiner or troll, I am a consumer who does not believe in giving my money away.

I purchased a product that was defective. If you think I am wrong for being upset that I lost money on an inferior product, then your opinion just like the defective sofa is worthless.


Ptsun77 – I apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced during this process. If possible, please email the order details to our office at tellus@roomstogo.com and we will happy to look further into your concerns.


I must refute your claim that this is a site for intelligent individuals. This site is mostly populated by whiners and trolls.

I enjoy reading the comments peopl leave. It's like watching Springer...


To Dummy: First, baught is spelled bought not baught; indivdual is individual, hy should be why. So before calling someone dummy, look in the mirror and check yourself.

Second, I did not buy a package, I selected items out of the package and paid the individual price listed not the discounted price. I know what I selected, what I paid for and what I ended up with.

So "DUMMY," go back to the 3rd grade and learn to spell correctly. This is a site for intelligent individuals which you obviously are not.


Sounds like you baught a package so the indivdual prices would have been lower being you get a discount when you purchase a package. So if you were trying to buy a bunch of things out of a package then the price would have been more.

hence hy they said you paid less. dummy


Ms. Capers, I completely understand as I settled on a set as well.

I asked about a refund but was told no.

I ask if the fabric protection plan could be transferred to the cost of the new set and was told no. Basically, you are stuck with either keeping the defective product or reselecting and paying a higher price.


Ms. Thames I share your thoughts about and opinion about Rooms to GO.

I too have had problems with RTG. I purchased a Sofa and Snuggler back in January 2010. I paid approx $1700. I was a little leary with the quality of the set but its appearance and feel was what sold me.

In any case, the craftmanship and quality was horrible. The cord to the snuggler broke about 3 months ago. I called RTG Insurance - they came out and said the set was discontinued. Therefore, I had o go back to the store to reselect.

I didn't like my choices at all and I still don't as I settled on what I got the 2nd time. At this point, all I want is my money back.