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It's incredible to me that RTG is still in business after so many years of many, many, many complaints from'victimized' customers.

They buy their A+ rating with the BBB in Fl where the corporate office is located and where most complaints have to be filed against them and resolved. They 'sweet talk' credit card companies into believing that they pride themselves in customer service and satisfaction and they are making a good faith effort to resolve customer complaints to avoid chargebacks when all they are doing is forcing the customer to either accept endless deliveries of defective and shoddy furniture, to make another selection, which usually costs more and is of no better quality, or to wear them down so much that they just give up, go away, and live with the 'garbage' they have paid much too much of their hard earned money to purchase. It's criminal, and yet RTG has gotten away with it for years and years and still does. Why?

I'd be interested to see some posts by anyone who has sued RTG or knows anyone who has sued them and if they were successful.

Does filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office do any good in, within a reasonable amount of time, getting well deserved refunds that RTG very rarely, if ever, is willing to give? It can take months of frustration, stress, and inconveinece for the few lucky ones to, on their own, get a refund and most, if not all the time, RTG will not refund the delivery fee they charged to bring defective garbage into your home.

Obviously, Rooms To Go couldn't care less about the scores and scores of complaints posted here and on other sites and/or the complaints filed against them with the BBB and charge card companies. If they did they would have changed the way they really do business a long time ago and not just give lip service to how they pride themselves in customer service and satisfaction. Actions speak louder than words.

If anyone who is reading this is lucky enough to have not purchased any furniture from RTG, please don't, unless you are willing to be treated with very little respect, lack of concern, and get NO customer service after you have thrown your money away on the garbage you have purchased from them that is either defective from the start and/or will fall apart within a few short months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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Again David Johnson? The fact that you reach out is called damage control. Plain and simple.


We’re very sorry to see how upset you are with our company. We’d love the opportunity to turn this situation around and give it a positive outcome. Our A+ rating is a result of working with our clients to find amicable solutions that all parties can agree with. The fact that we seek out and find such posts as this one is evidence that we do care about customer complaints and display the desire to correct them.

Without knowing your specific situation it is difficult to say what we can do to help, but if you would be interested in sending your account details to I can assure you, we will explore every available avenue to provide you with a satisfactory resolution.

We look forward to working with you!