Columbia, South Carolina
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I purchased a Simmons beauyrest mattress 2 years ago. The whole top of the mattress is coming up.

I have a ten year warranty that Rooms to go IS not honoring. They don't sell this mattress anymore it has a recall on this mattress. I have to pay for a defective mattress to be sent back to the manufacturer. I have been a customer for years and have bought thousands of dollars worth of furniture from them.

I am reporting them to the BBB and going to the local news about this. Sandra

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Why does this sound so familiar....oh wait, that's because this just happened to me too! Exact same issue.

I bought a Simmons beautyrest 2 years ago, and it has sunk over 2" on both sides of the bed! They tried to charge me a delivery fee of 45.00 and then a restocking fee of 99.99! After hours of arguing and then pulling the disabled veteran card they waived the restocking fee. A restocking fee is *** anyway.

The mattress has a 10year warranty!

Unacceptable. Terrible customer service.


Same actually experience, I had to 99.00, but they did replace the mattress but not the box spring. Woe to them, evil deeds.


Sorry to hear about this. Care to send us your order info to