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I have had a terrible experience with rooms to go, Cindy Crawford teal leather set!!! They will not honor my warranty, it is still only several months old, and I have a tear coming down the side of the couch! I am a single elderly woman who lives alone, I did not do this they are accusing me of cutting it! They are refusing to honor the one-year warranty which I signed up for and I also signed up and paid for a sealant to keep it good!!...
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TellUsRTG This sounds terrible. Are you able to send us your order info to so we can look into your account?

I was not told that at the beginning or I would not have bought a white sofa. Also, if you file a warranty claim with them and the tech comes to your house and sees your food/beverage stain but also sees ANTHING else other than food/beverage (like ink stain, jeans color transfer, crayon, etc.) they WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. So they won't clean or deal with your food/beverage stained area because you also have a ink mark! HAHAH what a bunch of...
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TellUsRTG Sorry to hear about this. At the time of sale the customer is given a packet pertaining to the 3 year fabric protection warranty, which states the details. I would be happy to...

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