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We purchased a sofa from Rooms to Go just less then a year ago and already the fabric around the front of the sofa is tearing. I called customer service and they sent a mid-twenties rocker looking guy who reaked of cigerette smoke out to survey it.

He told me that he would us a staple gun to fix it. I let him know that I felt that using a staple gun would not do. He went out to his van and came back with upholstery thread and a needle and proceeded to sewing it. Now my sofa looks a little like Frankestien's face.

I am appalled! I will be calling the service department back. But basically, the point of this post is to tell you to NOT buy from Rooms to Go!

Their products have cheap designs are not of good quality at all! I will NEVER shop there again!

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You should certainly be satisfied with any repair made to your furniture. Have you contacted our customer service department since then?

If not, please feel free to email us the details along with your order information to We would be more than happy to take a look further into the situation!