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My wife and I purchased an entire living room set with our Rooms to go credit card about two years ago. The salesman strongly recommended that we consider purchasing a service guaranteeing that our micro-fiber sofa will never look deteriorated due to liquid stains. So we considered it to be a good investment being that we have a child.

My wife called rooms to go last week to have someone come out and spot clean a soda stain that was the unfortunate result of me getting carried away over a Dolphins loss to the Browns. Upon greeting the rooms to go representative at the door, we noticed that he did not have the equipment we figured he would need to remove the stain. We walk him over to sofa and pointed out the soda stain. He proceeded to "pat clean" the stain with the same chemicals (sold to us from rooms to go) that we had already unsuccessfully tried cleaning the sofa with.

After spending a grand total of 8 minutes at the house, he informed us that we needed to hire a professional to come out and get that stain out.

Wow…and here we thought rooms to go was already sending us a professional to clean our sofa…after all that is why we purchased the service the salesman so highly recommended. If I would have known that the service entailed a man coming out with a towel attempting to spot clean the

stain with the same chemical we already had, I would have saved myself A LOT OF money and could have used it to pay a "professional".

I have always recommended rooms to go to anyone who needs to buy furniture for at a reasonable price but after this experience, I can honestly say that my next furniture set will be from El Dorado even if it turns out to be more costly. At least I'm guaranteed that they will acknowledge good customer service.

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Same here. Our little girl wasted juice on our couch.

Because it's wasted on multiple places like what would happen if you drop a cup of juice on the couch they are saying they will not clean. Thanks Candiance Peterson.