Stone Mountain, Georgia

I have never seen a company with as many problems stay in business as long. They have the worst delivery and sales people I have ever seen.

They offer TV's from Brans Mart! Oh how funny Brans Mart Never has the TV's offered…. Oh well you can get something else from Brans Mart….. Looser me for dealing with Rooms To Go…… NEVER again.

I had to wait three weeks for the furniture delivery that they said they had in stock… False advertising "next day delivery". If I had more money I would sue them.

I want them all to feel the anger I have. I sleep at night I hope they can't.

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Oh yeah!!!! I forgot to add that ALL of the stuff, loveseat, hide-a-bed, mattresses, EVERYTHING we purchased at ROOMS TO GO is NOW in the Charolette County LANDFILL where it should have been in the first place. Should have let you in on that the note I previously wrote above.


I too wonder how those folks sleep at night and I asked the manager at the local store how they could sleep at night? I too am very angry with ROOMS TO GO and will tell everyone about how they took us and never once blinked while taking $5500.00 knowing good and well the stuff they sold us wouldn't hold up 2 months under normal wear and tear with 2 seniors using it.

They are awful and I can't understand how they are so big. The big ads in the paper are understandable, they have used the money we used to buy their junk with so they can get more suckers like us in their store and they can take advantage of them too!! Poor souls. We finally gave up with them before we had heart attacks and went and re-purchased everything we originally purchased at ROOMS TO GO from another furniture store and we are completely happy with our new furnishings, too bad we had to waste $5500.00 with ROOMS TO GO.

Honestly they wore us down completely with their customer service and coming to the house and their 4 hour blocks and replacements, we went through this for over a year with them and finally GAVE UP and went elsewhere. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!