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Bought a 3k sectional sofa, frame broke within 8 months. I was told they could not repair it, it wasn't under warranty and there was nothing they could do. We call the broken area "the black hole." Not only do you sink into the cushion like it's quicksand buy everything that has gone into that sofa has been lost forever....3k, phones, money, small children and pets, etc.

It has become my new goal to inform as many people as humanly possible to stay away from Rooms to Go. I have personally saved over 7 people from being ripped off by shoddily made furniture from this company. I have saved them money and the trauma of losing loved ones through poor furniture design and manufacturing. The Furniture Crusades have just begun.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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Will never shop at rooms to go again. We (granddaughter and I)

have never been more disappointed.

Wished I would have looked before making the purchase. They do SUCK.


Please do not purchase anything from Rooms to go. It was a complete nightmare.

Their customer service sucks. I paid cash for a living room and bedroom. They delivered my merchandise to no avail they forgot my pillows. I also received the wrong table set.

WHne the correct one's came the leg was scratched up. Then I had to do a reorder they told me they would send it through UPS and it would take 7-10 days. TIme passed. I called and wow they told me that one leg would take 90 days for me to receive it because it was coming from China.


I have so much to say about this company but time will not allow it. Whatever you do go to a store you can trust and a place that appreiciate your business.


You are absolutely right. I will NEVER purchase from Rooms To Go again.

Terrible customer service. They sent me the wrong end tables and then told me the tables they advertise are the wrong ones and that those tables cost more.


I ordered dining room suite. On initial delivery table was damaged beyond repair, second deliver table damaged in the same location (pedastal base).

Third delivery truck driver said it's damaged, warehouses fault, I don't recommond even taking it off the truck, refuse it and call "customer no service". So we call and mid call the rep says we are closing I have to end the call. WTF! My husband says no you are no ending the call I want to speak to a supervisor.

So our options are to go to store and pick a new table which won't match my suite or keep the second table with damages and get a partial refund probably 10 - 20% which will be approx $100. I want to go into the store and raise holy ***, but don't think it would do any good. Oh and they also delivered the remaining three chairs that were on back order and two were damaged. When I called Customer No Service today, they advised me that due to the fact that I have had the chairs in my home for a month I could not return them but they could send a service technician, again, WTF!

They were delivered LAST NIGHT!!! I'm waiting for a return phone call from mgmt. No holding my breath!

We paid cash for this suite - over $3000.00!


You are so right. I just spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get my leather sofa, love seat and recliner to be inspected for a repair.

The leather is pealing and cracking. I paid for extended warranty and they agreed to send a technician to my house to check them but only the sofa and love seat are covered. They said the recliner was delivered on a different date; therefore, it doesn't have extended warranty. However, I paid for extended warranty for all of my living room set when I made the contract.

I don't see how the recliner can be excluded only because it was delivered 2 weeks later. I paid over $3,000 for that furniture. Don't buy anything at Rooms to go.

They don't want to help you if you have a problem. They only want your money.


they are a scam, quality, delivery, customer service and mgmt are all a scam


She's right wish I did research!!! Poor quality bed.

I now know how Rooms to Go still has business by ripping you off. Its A NO REFUND POLICY :(


I bought a 1800 dollar so called leather states leather on the receipt and the vinyl is peeling off.

Dont believe anything these people tell you.if their lips are moving they are lying


If the purchase was made new, and the issue was reported when the problem occurred, it should have been under the warranty period. If you would like to email us the details to we would be more than happy to take a closer look into the situation!