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If you buy their "3 year leather protection" "Force-Field" warranty, it ONLY covers food/beverage stains. I was not told that at the beginning or I would not have bought a white sofa.

Also, if you file a warranty claim with them and the tech comes to your house and sees your food/beverage stain but also sees ANTHING else other than food/beverage (like ink stain, jeans color transfer, crayon, etc.) they WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. So they won't clean or deal with your food/beverage stained area because you also have a ink mark! HAHAH what a bunch of crooks! I told them, "First, you didn't tell me from the beginning what the limitations were.

Now you won't even clean the food stain. I'm not asking you to clean the ink stain but you won't even clean the food stain because my leather is not 100% free from other stains. How can one keep the leather 100% clean BESIDES food/beverage stains?!

It's bound to have some other stains on it but that shouldn't void the warranty!" They just want to see one little speck of soemthing so they won't have to fulfill their warranty coverage. *** warranty and *** company and *** customer service both from the 1-800 call center and the store and store manager in Mesquite, TX!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Sofa Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Replace sofa or refund partial for bad quality item, bad quality force field protector, bad warranty..

Rooms To Go Cons: Customer service, Product quality, Warranty.

  • Rip-Off
  • False Advertisement
  • Bad Warranty
  • Horrible Quality
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Sorry to hear about this. At the time of sale the customer is given a packet pertaining to the 3 year fabric protection warranty, which states the details.

I would be happy to look over your order to get the details. Feel free to send me your order number to


Hi. The "packet" is a piece of paper that is tucked within all the other papers at the end of the sale with receipts and transactions.

That piece of paper was never shown to me during the sale or explaining of the warranty. Nowhere in that piece of paper does it state having a stain other than food/beverage "voids the warranty." It states that those stains will not be covered but that does not equate to voiding the entire warranty. As mentioned, no need to fix that stain, but to not even address the food stain issue further is frustrating.

The tech says he couldn't remove the food stain so Rooms to Go needs to do something about that, not make up a reason to not have to replace that area or refund because the leather protection didn't do its intended job. I will email you soon with the order number.