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#roomstogo I cannot believe the type of service that roomstogo just gave me, the manager and the supervisor (Rachel Baker one worse than the other, they were super rude and really nasty, they both told me that the call was not being recorded, now I know why they were so not polite and rude with me. I bought a server from them and now after trying to replace 4 time because IT CAME BROKEN they are saying that they are going to send a technician to fixed it "the first broken server!!!!", so I am going to have at home a broken fixed server (basically a refurnished) The supervisor said "OHHHH may be on your contract we are saying that we will take all the money from your account, but because you are so *** enough not to read it and trust 100% in us you did not read it, that its your fault" This unacceptable the worse service ever!!!!!!

I tried to escalate and Rachael said that there was no one above her .... By the ways this server is 1000$.

and not just that I bought a table and the glass was only bloken I had to wait 1 month for the replace, read this before buying anything from them, because if you have a problem look the kind of people that they have working with them!!!! They now refused to replace the server."

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We are very sorry to that you were treated this way regarding your server damage from customer service. Rooms To Go takes pride in our integrity and would never condone that kind of treatment from any of our employees, especially our supervisors.

I see you stated we have tried four times to replace the server so sending a service technician may be able to resolve the damage and avoid any more inconvenience. We would still like to look over the account to see if we have any other options though.

If you would please email your order information to with as the subject line. Thanks!


why dont you try this.....reverse the roles.....tell them you are going to record the conversation...they probably will hang up on you....