Destin, Florida

My husband and I purchased a sectional from the Rooms to Go in Destin, Florida the day it opened. We were initially told we would get any furniture the next day. Well, 4 weeks later we were called and told we would be getting half of the sectional because there was a manufacturing defect in the other piece of the sectional and that they were sent back. So another 2 weeks passed and the rest of the sectional arrived. It's been 6 months since then and the sofa is falling apart. The cushions are flat and fuzzing and the frame is now sagging in the middle. We went to the store and showed them photos of it and they gave us the customer service number to schedule a "furniture tech" to come and look at it.

A week later the furniture tech, (who was a VERY large man named Dewey) asked if we could just tell him what was wrong with the sofa since we live on the 3rd floor and he didn't want to climb the stairs to look at it. My husband told him he had to look at it and he wasn't pleased. We showed him all of the defects and were told that he couldn't fix it and that someone from the corporate office would call within 3-5 days. Seven days later, we called the store and were told that the "furniture tech" said it was normal wear. After 5 months, it shouldn't be warped and fuzzy and having the cushions separating from the material. I was so furious, I actually took the sofa cushions in and showed them to the people working there and they agreed that it was not normal wear. We were then told that someone from the corporate office would call, which never happened. So we went down there to see what was going on and we were told that they would get right on it and she would absolutely positively without a doubt call us by the end of the day to let us know what was going on. Guess what? No call. So we called again and were told that the woman went home and would be in the next day at noon. Well, she decided to call, but then told us that it was Saturday and nothing could be done to help us so we would have to wait until Monday. Well, today is Monday and still nothing. So we went into the store only to talk to the same person we have been seeing and she said she would call the guy at the corporate office and talk to him. So we waited about 15 minutes and she asked us if we still had the pictures that we initially took of the sofa because he wanted proof that the sofa looks awful just after 5 months. UGH! So after all of that we had to go home and take more pictures of the terrible sofa we purchased there and email to some guy at the corporate office that apparently didn't exist because the email kept getting returned to us. So we called again and we were given another email address which she said is the guy's "actual" email address at the corporate office which makes us wonder what the first email was and wonder why we didn't get that one initially. So we sent the email and still have not heard from the guy at the corporate office and we are still stuck with an unsatisfactory sofa. We realize that they will not give us the money back, buy we just want a sofa that doesn't look like we've had it for 20 years. I also realize that whatever sofa I hopefully get to exchange it for will also be ***, but at least it will look new for a little while until we can save some money and donate that one to Goodwill and buy one from a different furniture store. We have bought a great deal of furniture since we have been married and we have never had a problem at other stores and I have never attempted to return furniture until now. These people have no concept of "Customer Service". The warranty and the fabric protection appear to be useless. It's ridiculous and very annoying. I would NEVER purchase furniture at Rooms To Go in Destin, Florida ever again. They should be ashamed of the quality of the items that they sell and the way they treat their customers.

Rooms To Go is the Honey Badger of Furniture stores, They don't give a ****

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Agree. Poor quality, poor service.

We also went to the new store in Destin,Fl. They don't accept Rooms To Go credit card payments in their store, which is ridiculous. Their online bill pay is a HASSLE to set up and it also looks poorly managed. We had bought a bedroom set from them about 6months ago and already the plywood holding our mattresses at the bottom of our bed have curved and the legs holding the plywood have bent.

I closed a drawer one day, and the wood between the drawers cracked making the drawers on top sag, making them hard to close. I called for a tech to look at it and the customer service rep said I'd get a 24hr call stating the time frame of this appointment. I got a call around noon, but not even a voicemail or another call to confirm that I received info. Usually companies leave a voicemail when it has to do with service appointments or call again.

I had to call the day of to find out. Time fram was between 11am-3pm. I got a phone call at 2:50PM by the tech and he said he's on the OTHER side of town and he'll be a little late. A little.

I already got a 5-HOUR wait and he calls me at what, the 5th hour? I wish I could have gotten a phone call if he was going to be LATE so that way I can get things done for the rest of my day. If he wastes my time by not fixing this problem, I will never deal with Rooms To Go again.

Three more payments on the card and good riddance! Ashleys and Havertys are our previous furnishing company and so far their stuff looks brand new after 3 years.


We can assure you that is not the case, and that we want each of our customers to be satisfied with the purchase that they made! If you haven’t already been contacted, please send us the pictures along with your order details to Once we have this information, we can take look further into the matter and see what can possibly be done.