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I bought a red leather couch.It was on sale at $1500.

Regular over $2000. I thought I was buying a leather couch that would last for a long time. $1500 is not a cheap couch. After having it only 6 months the leather starting flaking off!

Piece by piece. If this was going to happen you would of guessed it would happen where you sit. But NO! It starting around the sides where it never gets touched by anything or anyone.

Now my couch is 11 months old and it looks horrible.. OMG! it is actually falling apart. They said that this was leather and the best out there.

What ever. I don't know what this is but not leather. I called the store and they said NO WARRANTY! I bought it on sale!

My fault. Yes, I bought the couch at the present condition. I did not agree to buy a couch that would not even last 1 year.

NEVER BUY HERE!There stuff is ***!

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1249578

I've had the exact same issue on an entire "leather" set including a sofa, lovesear and chair. I contacted customer service and they haven't even bothered to respond. I'm livid and I will never purchase anything from Rooms To Go again.


Same here.Bought red leather sectional-supposed to be real leather sofa..not vinyl..or anything else.

Called RTG when it started flaking and peeling..her suggestiin was, " well you could have it recovered". It wasdelivered to me with a nick on the back, they came out I thought to replace the piece but they covered with red marker. No where did it(does it) say bonded leather as I noticed another post had mentioned knowing the difference between topgrain and bonded. Crazy to pay any amount of money for a sofa to last less than a year- i had no idea.

Very disappointed. Also bought from them previously with bedroom furniture and coffee table entertainment armoir with bookshelf. Not disappointed at all.

The sofa is and willbe the last thing ever bought from them.Lack of customer servc regarding my call when I questioned it..just awful


Hello Shelly.I do appreciate what you said.

I am not a cheap person. But Rooms to Go is growing very fast in the Houston market. They are adverting that the furniture is theirs. They make it and this is why we are able to do this and some wonderful prices.

When a major company says that this is awesome leather, furniture, etc and that they back up everything they sale. They are advertising all the time. Stores are popping up all over. You have to believe them.

They just built a huge warehouse in Sugarland. Its humongous.! I really thought we found a great place to do business. If a huge company that is growing so fast and saying that their stuff is real and will hold up better than everyone else.

You kind of believe them. If this is the way that they are going to do business, the people need to stop them fast. I cannot believe that they think that they can continue to grow if they lie and their stuff is ***.

As a consumer, you would think the management needs to know.They will fall fast flat on their face.


Shelley, I wish I had done more research about leather before going to RTG.Unfortunatley I relied on the TRG salesman.

I assumed he knew what he was talking about and would be honest. In my case, this was my third set. The first two were not \"leather\". The first set snagged the first time it was used.

I was told it was very durable and long lasting fabric. The second set was red fabric and the color came off on my son\'s white shorts and my white rug.

So as you can see by my comments as well as plenty of other unhappy consumers, RTG has more problems than their \"leather\".Legal action may be the only way to protect other unsuspecting consumers to make a costly mistake.


Rooms to go does not use Top Grain leather..if they did you would be paying a lot more than 2000.00 for a couch.

Think about it... TOP GRAIN leather for 2 grand? Seriously folks.. you need to educate yourself when purchasing anything.

Think about it.. If Leather Creations (which uses TOP GRAIN LEATHER) not bonded (please read up on what bonded leather is) sells the same couch for over 4 grand... What do you think? I think you all should take this a life lesson and own up to the fact that you are cheapskates and paid for what you bought.

ROOMS TO GO furniture! Duh! Go to Thoomasville or Haverties.. Real furniture stores and you will see the difference.

If you bought the same *** at sam's club or costco.. you would be dealing with the same issues.. When you sit on a real piece of leather you shouldn't sweat.. if you do it's not real leather..

it is processed leather.. think processed chicken..it's still chicken but it cost pennies compared to REAL chicken. Like ALL things in life you get what you pay for. My small leather sectional cost over 5 grand on sale..

it was TOP GRAINED leather.. and 5 years later it was still TOP GRAIN leather.. sold it for 3 grand because it aged like real leather should and wore like real leather... Also keep in mind that REAL top grain leather shows it's age...

it fades.. gets water spots.. wears like leather shoes.. you have to condition it several times a year and keep it out of the sun..

the lower quality stuff does none of these things (which some people may want this) I know my designer friend loves lower forms of leather that have been treated for this reason. Sorry to be so harsh with you guys but I hate when people don't take responsibities for their own actions... If I were ever on a jury with a lawsuit like this you would get zero and I would say grow up and think for yourself. Remember a fool and their money are soon parted.

If you buy a chopped steak and then get mad because it didn't taste like Filet.. well I am back to you get what you pay for... I just bought a couch from Thomasville... cost over 3 grand..

The fabric alone cost me 40 bucks a yard.. I am sure Rooms to Go has one that looks just like it for 500 bucks.

Would I ever expect that it would look/wear the same as my 3 grand sofa?NO ss

to S***ey S Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1271122

Really, go to Havertys?Read the reviews of Their leather couches that the color wears off to orange!

And seams coming apart. Junk!

The leather is spray painted not dyed through.Read all the terrible reviews about customer svc and warranties denied too.


I purchased a "leather" 3 piece set from the Greensboro, NC store after problems with 2 other sets.The "leather" is flaking every where.

We even paid more to "upgrade" to leather.I'd love to see a class action suit or something done to get their attention.


HI Kristimcg: Are you on face book?Please add me.

Lets all get together and work on this.Maybe if we find enough people we can do something about this......I am Jovena Sanders.

Laurie i added you on face book


jovenas - my husband and I were saying the exact same thing last night.As our sofas look the same it can only help us both!

We had to send the manufacturer's name to the attorney today - we also sent him an e-mail of your pictures and complaint - please friend me on Facebook so we can keep in touch on this issue. If there is anyone else out there with their "high quality leather furniture" from rooms to go flaking, or looking like *** - please let me know. Maybe a Class Action lawsuit will wake them up.

Laurie Qualls - profile picture on facebook is one of my dogs looking out window.Thanks - Its time someone at Rooms to Go listens and responds with a solution to this mess.


Please tell your attorney that there are other people with the same problem.I would be more than happy to tell him my story also.

I wonder if he would do a class action law suit and work for free for everyone and he would make big bucks with the lawsuit.Currently my couch is actually falling apart more that you see.

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