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I will never deal with Room To Go again. Service is horrible with *** attitude and no educated staff.

After receiving little or no help I informed them I would take my money and business elsewhere and they told me "okay, then do it". They couldn't tell me when my furniture could be delivered, couldn't tell me if it's in stock or not and then refused to put me through to a manager. This store sucks!

Stay away from doing business with any location since they're all tied together. *** have more brains than these people.

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I actually purchased from the idiots, that was a hard lesson learned. The salesman was to busy to help me then when hw finally did he zipped me through spending my money and out tge door. As I was walking out the salesman and manager started arguing about my delivery date. then finally telling me they will call me in a minute to let me know of the date. I had the date they told me already as 4 days after purchase. They called and said they would do it 14 days later. I told them to cancel the whole order, the salesman called me 1 hr later and said the date would be the original date. I went against my better judgment and said ok. Then when delivery came

I was informed that one piece is out of stock would not get it till 30 days later. Now I found out that the special tv offer you don't get till 21 days after the entire order is delivered. So tried to cancel the entire order and on the back of one of the papers in my packet (that nobody showed me). Is the return policy. So I got so taken, besides all the hidden charges and bs. This is a company I hope no one is *** enough to make my mistake!