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Less than 2 years ago, we purchased a pricey leather sectional ($2,500). In the most literal way I can say this, the entire inside of the couch is now sitting on the floor underneath it.

The insides just "fell out". Contacted Customer Service where trained monkey #1 repeated over and over that it's out of warranty.

I asked for a manager and trained monkey #2 from corporate repeated over and over that it's out of warranty (that's why they pay her the big bucks!) and refused any further recourse. STEER CLEAR of Rooms To Go unless you'd like to see your furniture sitting on the curb next week next to the TRASH!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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You are so right. .

.It was infuriating to hear them say "it's out of warranty - Beep" "it's out of warranty - beep" HA HA!! Sorry you had so much trouble - like we did. At least we were able to fix it somewhat. I'm totally convinced that Mr Understanding works for RTG!

I never heard of anyone 'abusing' their furniture until he said it and apparently it's an excuse they use often to avoid having to fix their cheap furniture! Lesson learned!


My husband and I bought our love seat and a massage chair at RTG in Nov. 08. We got the deal of no pay, no interest until July 2010. About 2 months after we bought it, the cable for the handle to recline broke. The tech. came out and fixed it. Then about 2 months later the other side broke. The tech. came out and fixed it. He's a very nice man too.

Then about 4 months later the side that broke the first time, broke again. The tech. came out and fixed it. Then the seat cushions started to sag in the back. The tech. put some stuffing in it to suffice until we could get a regular cushion for it.

About 5 months later, we finally got the seat cushion and the tech. came out and put it in. Just last night I went to recline and the handle came off in my hand. The cable didn't break this time, but the handle came out of the cable. I called customer service and the girl told me that our warranty had expired. She was like a robot saying it over and over that the warranty was expired. We haven't even paid for this piece of *** yet and it keeps breaking. I was very upset with her and told her that I would just drop it off on their front door and I'm not paying for it. I'm not going to pay for something that keeps breaking.

Mr. Understanding tell me what you like about this company and why you're here reading everyone's complaints if you don't like what's being said. If you have any suggestions on what all of these people can do to solve these problems, then please share that information with the rest of us.


Wow, what a similar story! We ended up turning our upside down (its a huge sectional), taking off the finishing cloth and literally re-built the inside.

When we took off the cloth, a pile of nails (yes, nails) fell onto the floor. (How could you expect nails to stay with constant downward force pushing them out??) We replaced all the missing nails with screws and reinforced everywhere we could and then stapled the felt cloth back on. For now, it feels strong again and we'll continue to use it. Better than buying a new one since they weren't going to fix it!

It would have been so easy for them to send a repair guy and have him fix it for us (instead of us spending an entire Saturday night messing with it!) just in the name of good customer service & we probably would have been perfectly content and continued to do business with them. . .oh well.

. .fixed for now!


I too have a sofa that the insides just "fell out" It is less than a year old. Our hosehold has 2 adults, not children and we do not abuse our furniture, we sit on it periodically to watch television.

A repairman came a few days ago said it was poor quality, couldn't fix it... Today we get a call that he reported it as in home abuse or something like that. In other words that don't want to do anything to fix the problem.

The thing is... It's a cheap *** sofa and I should have spent more in the first place, but bottom line it is under warranty and should be repaired and/or replaced.


I see you have not read my posts as you probably have not read your warranty paperwork. I have not made any statements about Rooms to Go , so how can I have "glowing" things to say about them.

My point was for people to look inward before pointing fingers. But nope you start pointing fingers at me. I am surfing this site looking complaints across the board for furniture. It was your poor me I am a victim attitude that inspired me to write.

It seems to me that no self reflection will be done with you as you are mad because you didn't get your way so you are going to jump around and scream till the big bad man gives in. The world won't let people do what they want to and everyone else pays for it. Maybe if you tell them you will hold your breath till you get what you want , they will feel sorry for the victim and give in. I hope not.

Quit pointing fingers at every else , hollering poor me and if you have a REAL complaint then something will ge done.

If not then enjoy furniture shopping. Haha

done wrong

It strikes me as odd that someone with such glowing opinions of RTG is surfing a complaint site about them. You would make a wonderful employee for them.

. .you should give it a try. Nice chatting.

. .so long.


I see that there are others who have problems, but look at the overall volume of pieces sold. Nobody can sell, deliver, and service everyone with no problems.

I have looked and every furniture store has problems, and when looking on a site where people go to fuss, all you will see is bad things about everyone. I ask you, can you make everyone you deal with happy? No! It is impossible.

With each person that fusses, there are many others who are happy with which ever company they are dealing with.

I felt the same as you do but with another company and after dealing with different companies i realized no one can satisfy every customer. And it is the luck of the draw what you get.


Well, I consider under 2 years 'fairly new' as well. .

.unless you plan to buy new furniture every 2 years and if you look a little harder, I'm not the only one who has experienced quality issues at RTG. And. . .I'll never experience it with them again, for sure.


.but hey, I am a big Michael Jackson fan, too! Thanks so much for your insightful comments.


I am not kidding nor do I work for RTG. As for the Toyota problem those cars were fairly new cars and the problems were occuring soon after the purchase of the car.

The problem was occuring accross the board with a majority. Your problem happened to YOU and it also happened 2 years later. Things just don't mysteriously "happen". I can just see one day while you were at work and no one is home the furniture just fell in the floor.

There is a BIG difference in Toyota's new car problem and ONE persons couch falling on the floor. I have come to realize that when people are pointing the finger of blame they should be looking in the mirror when pointing.


Are you kidding me right now?? How could ASSUME that we've abused it??

We've not abused it unless you count sitting on it abuse. The REAL problem with society are those who ASSume that they know what they are talking about. Do you work for RTG??

You sound about as smart as they did on the phone today. I guess those Toyota owners who had acceleration issues or brakes failing abused their cars, too, right?


I see that your couch inside "just "fell out"". When someone abuses their furniture to where the insides just fall out, how can you expect a company to pay for your abuse?

That is the problem with society today. People can just treat things any way they wish and some else has to pay for it. I understand that as a customer the best way to get the most for my money is to treat the things with care and make them last. When you buy a new car and the car runs out of gas, you don't expect the car company to fill your tank again do you?

But I bet you would with the attitude you have of I can abuse my furniture and the company will fix it. WOW take a good look in the mirror at yourself and see where to point the finger of blame.