Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rooms To Go, often fires people for no reason especially if they happen to be African-American or female. They also require their employees to sell the protection plan at 90% even if the customer doesn't want them.

They also are now even today getting rid of their long time employees, before they are able to collect their commission paychecks. Today many Rooms To Go employees work under constant fear of being fire if they don't meet certain quotes.

They also have meetings where they often threaten to fire any employee that doesn't sell their protect plan, which happens to be a sham. Rooms To Go is a horrible place to work and they treat their employees just as bad as they treat their customers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well I can say that the store manager in baton rouge is an *** and treated the sales person like she wasn't his equal and she was beneth him and she was an African American female ironically.........then they kept trying to force some $70 protection plan down my throat when I clearly stated I didn't want nor need that...... The sales people did seem they were afraid of the manager there and I'm just a customer on the outside looking in and it's not a pretty view. I would NEVER shop at rooms to go anywhere if that's how the employees are treated I can only imagine how they treat the customer.....


1. That's commission sales, if you don't meet quotas you get let go and someone else will come in an do it, that's how it works everywhere 2.

You sound like a whinny ex employee they couldn't cut it and are making excuses and 3. You trying to turn it into a sexist/racist matter is laughable and usually the last card people try and play because iff you knew anything at all you would know that woman usually sell better in the furniture world because people trust what they say and they trust their "design" ideas simply because they are female. Also with the world we live in today that if even 1 African American felt they were fired for their race then it would be front page news and a huge lawsuit over night so no company in America would ever risk doing business this way and most are actually afraid of firing African Americans even if the individual isn't a good employee simply because they are afraid of lawsuits so African Americans and other minorities usually get more leeway than others.

So all your claims are complete bs. Next time just try and work harder instead of making excuses and trying to use being an African American female as your scapegoat for bad work ethic/production