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I was shopping for living room furniture and stopped in Rooms to Go in Charlotte NC on Independence Blvd. Had a good experience at first but went all down hill from there. I have spent about $12K in this location for other rooms in my home. When looking around I found the furniture that I wanted but did not buy it the 1st day there.

I went back 4 times before buying because i was trying to figure out if I should do the "Free TV package" or not. After talking to my sales rep and the Manager, Louis Brown, I decided to go with the TV package, HUGH mistake. They told and even marked on the paper which TV I would be getting and when going to Best Buy to get my TV they informed me I would be getting a lesser TV than promised.

Went back to RTG to ask what was going on with this and they admitted they made a mistake and there is nothing I could do go get what i was promised. While explaining to them I would not have done the TV package if i would have know this the *** manager just grinned and said sorry we made a mistake.

I then called RTG customer service and explained what happened and had to fax them the papers showing they marked the TV that I was promised. After days of going back and forth customer service also said they made the mistake but there was nothing I could do.

This is not right and I hope that other people don't get screwed the way I did. I have been in sales for over 20 years and have never been treated nor treated someone this bad.

The TV package after doing a lot more research is not worth it. If you figure up what you are going to have to pay for getting that package and the taxes that you have to pay on the TV it is better to buy the TV and furniture separate.

In all my best solution is never use Rooms to Go for anything.

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should have threatened to return the merchandise all together. They would have let you have the TV in fear of not making the sale.

If they wouldn't have, then you take your business elsewhere. Either way, you would have won.


NOTHING IS EVER FREE!!!! I have been a business owner for 12 years and in retail for 23 years, and it always amazes me how dumb people are.

Yes we are in a fancy building, with 50+ employees, have commissioned sales people, and spent 25k on television, radio, and newspaper advertising, but we are giving stuff away and lowering prices just cuz you are so special this weekend only! LOL

We mark it way up and throw in free stuff, and you think you are getting a deal, when the truth is we tricked you into spending 3 times more than you wanted to. I don't know how educated people still fall for this.

now that I have ranted, HERE IS HOW YOU ALWAYS FIX THIS PROBLEM: Take it up with your credit card company or finance company if you financed on a no interest deal (you pay for this too by the way, so you should always get a discount if not financing) Call VISA or Master Card and dispute the charges saying that all goods and services were not provided and you want your money back. You now have most of the product and your money, believe me, their customer service department will be calling you very quickly!


My wife and I wanted furniture from rtg and liked one of the packages. We already own a superior tv (60" Samsung LED) in our living room so they let us trade the tv ($429 store credit I believe) towards a matching recliner.

We still spent $200 more from the advertised price but got more for our money IMHO.

We also turned around and sold the included tv console for only $50 less than we paid for it as part of the package. No way we were going to use it over our $2000 entertainment center.

Overall, with the exception of the delivery guys being a half hour late and doing a shoddy job building the coffee table (I had to tighten it up) my experience with RTG was totally satisfactory.


First, if something says to be a better deal than normal then you better believe something isn't right. I used one of these deals and held the gift card for 6 months before I used it with no problem.

Second, I'm not buying furniture based on a Tavares unless its a stand for the tv.

Rooms to Go is a chain and like most furniture chains they get their furniture from 1 of the 4 or 5 furniture makers in THE US. So stop complaining while trying to capitalize off a mistake, that's the problem; everybody trying to get over.



the issue that you're not paying attention to and overlooking is that the buyer was looking for the best deal. Part of the deal bargaining was the Seller Offering and promising something as part of the deal. That something was a TV of a particular brand and model. That promise is also part of the deal and their failure to hold their end of the deal is their mistake and they should be held accountable for it.

It is not his fault that THEY promised him what they promised and he accepted.

It is their fault that they promised and DID NOT DELIVER.

His complaints is absolutely valid and you taking up for the furniture company is simply ridiculous.


This is more of a scam than what you think. They tell you if you buy certain items it comes with a TV.

NOT TRUE AT ALL! You actually buy the TV as well.

They don't advertise buy TV and Mattress for $999 but instead say buy Mattress for $999 and get the TV or buy the room and get the TV but if for some reason you have to return a faulty product you are credited the amount you paid minus the cost of the TV, that is total B.S! Someone has to fix this and fix it fast!

@There's no TV deal

First of all they do not advertise free tvs it is a tv package that means you are actually paying for the tv not getting it free.

@There's no TV deal

The same thing happen to me. I purchased furniture and a mattress set for $999 and it was defective.

Ask them to replace it and they want to charge me $100 for the exchange, plus the cost of the TV. THIS IS TOTAL BS!


After losing all of my home furnishings in a fire I went to RTG in Tampa, Florida, I must say I had a very pleasant experience, no problem no hassle. What I was told was I was given a gift card in the amount of the TV (the amount was correct) and I purchased the TV, as a matter of the the TV went on sale less $50 and BB gave me the additional $50.


I'm not going there now. After all these comments it's better to stay away.

They lost one costumer by this blog. Care or not.


Well, this was in 2009 so maybe things have changed but I got my TV with the package. Of course like stated earlier you aren't really getting a "free" TV but its included with the price of the furniture.

I had my furniture delivered and went to Best Buy to pick up my TV. There were no hassles and no problems.


Recently had the same experience! Promised a Samsung 50" LED tv.

What I was offered at BB was a 50" Samsung LCD TV. Big difference between the two. RTG even gave a SKU that I checked before purchasing. It was the Samsung 50' LED tv.

Go and it isn't what I was promised. I actually photographed their store advertisement with the false SKU number.

They don't seem to care. Maybe they will care when I take them to court to prove a point.


Got my furniture on 3/6, went to pick up tv today. BB said they did not have it there, but they had at another store.

Went there, they said they no longer carried it. A few choice f-bombs here and there go a long way.

Got a 2012 1080p model instead. I am patient, but if you need to be an *** to get what you are promised, so be it.


YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR TV FROM BEST BUY. The manager at Rooms to Go will show you the tv you are supposed to get.

When you call Best Buy, they will say they do not have it and cannot get you that tv, or even a comparable tv. Rooms to Go and Best Buy are ripping you off!!!


Regardless of what the tell you, you are plain paying for the "Free" tv. Go in and do the math. You have to ask them what each individual peice of the package costs as (Of course) that information is not readily shown. When you add it all up, you will find that you are paying for that TV.

I can't see any bennefit to that unless you are financing the furniture and cannot get financing at Best Buy or something.

The experience I had in RTG really got awfull once I started asking questions about individual furniture prices. The salesperson got very evasive and then went on the offensive.

That was my first experience with RTG and I will never walk back in there again. Funny thing is, we could have cared less about a free tv.


We went to take advantage of the tv deal also we need to change pieces of a sectional to make it fit our room and were actuly spending more than the price shown to quilify for Tv pkg they said they would not give us the T.V total sale lost over 3,000. Will find somewhere else to go after reading this and the way they treated us.


To Confused customer: My best opinion is not to buy from RTG at all. As you most likely have read that others have gone through the same I did. Just trying to help other people not get scammed like me.


I want to do the tv special but scared really thinking bout going somewhere else


To Anotherconfusedcostumer, it is a scam. They tell you that you will be getting one tv and you will end up with a lesser one.

If I were you and your still able to back out then do it.

Also they sent me the wrong loveseat and they don't want to correct that either. RTG simply SUCKS!!!!!!!


I just wanna knw.if this is a scam like I read before, cuz we the livingroom set, and we suposse to get a samsung 51'' plasma 3D tv...amd we got it financed, we havent got the furniture yet, but we made a $500 payment..and I wanna make sure that we r gonna get exactly what we were promised for, and nothing less, I wanna knw if we could get a refund, in case that we want cancel that purchase, since.we.havent got seems like its just really a

scam so i