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Rooms to Go is very sneaky. Don't be fooled...R-t-G store OWNS the financial arm they use. TD is just a middleman on paper...largest private-label card provider.

I did the no-interest just to make things a little easier since I just bought a house. I bought the furniture in May. I did not receive a statement until Jul 18. I continuously asked the store and the customer service for a statement every week or so. I was being told no statement would be issued until the initial delivery was complete, since we had one piece that was constantly being delivered damaged. Well, once the delivery was complete, I called again. On July 11, I was told my first payment was late since it was due Jul 6. They used the excuse that the statement was returned to them by the post office, even though they had my correct address on file. I told them I would not pay their late charge, so the guy said he would remove it. Well, here I am at the end of Jul and so statement for the bill due Aug 6. Called again and was told the statement was returned to them again. And the late charge would not be removed. Funny how that house bill comes every month, and I opened that mortgage BEFORE R-t-G account !!! I'll just pay it in full this time and be done with them.

I believe they are doing this kind of thing so that people will be late and then they can immediately charge interest at 29.99%. I wonder if it is illegal to do things like that. Anyone know?

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The "financial arm" they used for me is HSBC and I can assure you that RTG does NOT own HSBC.


Were you not given anything when you made you initial purchase? everyone like to use the "small print" or the "I didn't realize" excuse..........Read the contracts.