Greenville, South Carolina
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For anyone that would like to make a complaint, here's the number of some vice president person. His name is Jerry Alderman and his number is 678-474-9477.

I have yet to get a return phone call from him but at least I am leaving lots of messages. Maybe I can cause him some upset, just as his company has caused me. Please call him - LOTS!!!!! They deserve to hear from all of us.

He sits in his big corporate office and ignores all of these complaints - maybe if we all call him - he will at least have to change his number until I can annoy his store in Brentwood, TN enough to give me another number!!!!

All upset, annoyed Rooms To Go customers - JOIN Forces with me!!!!

Call 678-474-9477!!!!!! Jerry Alderman!!!!!!!

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Haha, just called and left him

A lengthy message about a ridiculous lack of customer service from the Frisco, TX store.


I only want to get an even exchange for my mattress that has been discontinued. I have left a message with my contact information

Thank You In Advance

Susan Martin


Just called him problems with the same store


Bad bad service

Everyone is rude

Buy something for a deliver date and a week before till you you will have to wait for the items for a month an a half longer

Everyone in the store gives some no answer pat answer with no thought to how you feel about what is going on or the bottom line is they over sold the item that you paid for and have a delivery date for need some help here.......


Yes, Rooms to go furniture's service is awful and they're so rude.... No one should buy a furniture at Rooms to go..


We realize that this thread is from 2011 however if there are still people that need assistance please contact us at to ensure that you are receiving the customer care that you are in need of, unfortunately Jerry Alderman would not be the correct point of contact to assist with any of the above issues. We look forward to hearing from you.


I live in Miami Florida and have friends in the media. I am collecting signatures from upset Rooms to Go customer to let other people know how *** their products are and how horrible their costumer service is.

For anyone who reads this message I am collecting signatures for our voices to be heard. You can join forces with me by sending me a brief email with your experience rating and your signature. this is my email.


Quality of furniture is poor! 2k for bunk beds that 3 weeks later are still not right.

The beds where scheduled to be delivered 2 wks after purchase, R2G was suppose to call with a 4 hr time frame 2 days prior, NEVER HAPPENED (even tho customer care said they called twice). My 4 hr window was for a Sat. 11-3, about 2:30, I called to check status (since I had been sitting at home all day for them) and the lady in the office contacted dispatch to be told that they are running behind and my window was from 3-5. I was never called to be told they were running behind.

They show up at 5:03. They start putting the bunk beds together to realize that the bunkie board for the full was not on the truck. I called the store and was told that they could expedite one for me, but could not put the order in until 48 hrs after the delivery of the bunk beds (because it would take that long to close the delivery ticket). I did not want to wait, so I went to the store and picked one up.

Wrapped in plastic I headed home. When I get home, unwrap the board, it had rips in it. I call back (it was closing time) and they did say they would wait for me to show up to get a new one. So, I get a new one.

Upon wiping the new beds down, I noticed that the panel on the inside of the stairs that takes you to the top bunk was warped and that the bottom of the leg to the desk was cracked!

I called the store yet again and the next day, (which was a Sunday), the store manager and "houseman" came out to see if they can fix it. They could not, so I had to be scheduled for another deliver. They called beginning of the week to tell me that it was scheduled for Fri and someone would contact me 2 days prior of my 4 hr window. They call me THE DAY before to tell me that my window was from 7am-11, nothing like trying to get the morning off from work with less than 24 hr notice.

I asked if there was another option, and was told no, that I would have to reschedule, so I took the 7-11. They show up at 10:45.

They pull a whole brand new staircase off the truck in the box and opened the sealed box. Upon inspected it, this set was worse than the first, dings, knicks, colors didnt match (discolored?).

They drives told me that this was not checked before leaving the warehouse, and ALL items are supposed to be looked over. They apologized, they made notes in their computer saying "customer refused". Almost 4 weeks in and still no bunks for my children to sleep in.

You try to get corporate office phone # and they give you customer care (WHICH YOU CALL AND THEY DONT CARE!), you call customer care and they tell you there is nothing they can do about ANYTHING or any returns, its all up to the store manager.

I must say that the managers there are working on this problem as we speak. They managers there are great, its not their fault that the quality of the furniture is poor.

When purchasing from R2G, remember, you have 48 hrs to return or change your mind or they take a 20% "restocking fee", which your sales person fails to tell you when youre signing the dotted line.

Since it is so HARD to get them to give you any type of info, this is what I have.

"Customer Care" would NOT tell me who the store managers answer to...Everyone has someone they answer to! CORP info is: ROOM TO GO 11540 US Hwy 92 E Tampa, FL 3360 (813) 623-540054


Same same same. Waiting for delivery for one piece since last week.

They promise one thing and do another and then tell you they cant help you and don't have to give you any further information. We have had 2 scheduled deliveries, both times they showed up at the wrong time and no one was there.. Then they "lock up" the order so it cant be rescheduled for days on end and their pat answer is "sorry, cant help you". It floors me that they cant give the customer a date and time...its a *** shoot and if you have to be there, great.

If not, too bad so sad screw the customer, who next? I have never been so angry at anything so inept and rude.

Just left another message for the is the BBB. I will never do this again.


Rooms to go customer services is rude!!! They don't say thank you and u spoke with a assistant manager which stated they are not required to say thank you after you provided them with information.

I stated I'm not required to spend $3000 with you!! I work for Navy Federal Credit Union..

The largest credit union in the world and we didn't get that way by being RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!!! We never shop here again and spead the word to my coworkers


Yes I will call the vice President because I have been waiting on my delivery for 2 weeks and I have called customer service and they have no care in the world I am about to cancel my order.


Same here going in RIGHT NOW in Manhattan NEW YORK CITY. got one nice customer service rep after 2 weeks of ineffective others stressing 9-3 delivery time.

Truck arrived 7 pm!!! Building rules are til 3...after waiting 6 weeks for delivery now they are telling me another 2-3 weeks! The delivery service setup needs major overhaul!! Don't sell to states if you can't deliver!!!

Fed up! Probably canceling order.

Shame as furniture looks nice though all comments say construction is poor. :(


They are nothing but thieves. On two occasions they delivered the incorrect item to me and now they want to keep my delivery fee. I will never spent another of my hard earned dollar with this company and I will discourage everyone I know from buying from them.


Customer service for Rooms to go is so poorly handled. I don't understand why do they get contractors to do their bidding.

I waited at my house from 7 to 8 they showed up today around 9 due to stuff happen. I mean I get it stuff happen accidents, traffic car problems. But at least call I already payed them and I can't get my bed framed fixed plus they don't give a scheduled time, they can give you the date. .

But if you ask for an early shipment they can't tell you yes ma'am your locked in for and early appointment.



Yes the customer service really sucks! Their delivery drivers do not care, they are unclean!

They look more like mobile mechanics than furniture delivery and set up guys! Oh and how in the *** does it take over a month for something to be delivered after you order it! Come on lets try a little harder and did I mention that they dont have to call you and if they do its a courteous call and your expected to stay at home all day waiting for these delivery drivers to show up!

*** for all we know there sleeping on a side road somewhere getting paid while we wait at our homes for this *** service! I could go on more but the more I type the more pissed off I become!

@***ed in louisiana

I completely understand where you coming like wtf!!!! Right


I do understand that I'm in Texas and getting treated the same poor customer service call the Vice President Jerry Alderman @678-474-9477


Good afternoon, I feel like no one listens to us and our major complaints. We bought a new living room set for $3,600.00.When it was delived last friday 11/1/13.When they were unloading it, i was watching them, one of the guys put the glass on the bottom of a stack of boxes containing all the other tables wood, glass.

At the end when they were finished they said the glass for coffee table was broken.

From that point on we have been trying to get someone here to replace and fix it.W e are extremley fustrated, and expect someone to do something, much appreciated. :(


Defective mattress box spring and they can't get bit right since 9/2013. Just turn truck away cause they deliveries gueen box spring with king mattress really now.and the first two tomes the low profile box spring squeaks, delivery guys said they are picking them up everyone says the same thing but customer service sends tech out to check mattress so no stains lol, they delivers another box spring same as the none they took out , why, its defective cardboard in it cracks they squeaks, so now after two weeks with a high profile same thing happens they come to exchange it cause I went and picked out a different and they deliver two different sizes. What the ***


I bought a bed from Rooms to Go. We had trouble with the remote within the first month.

Called the store in Wesley Chapel Florida to complain and have it fixed. The first repairman came two weeks after the call and brought the wrong part. He said he would order it and it never came. WE called back and they said they would order it.

Another month goes by and the part is shipped to our address. To keep the warranty in effect we had to call them back to have another repairman come to install it. Guess what it was the wrong part. The store called said they would do an exchange.

We had to wait another month for that. Finally the exchange is made and we get a new bed. We are instructed to call the store to see what restitution would be made as promised. They offer a lousy 49.95 be taken off of the 5,000 bill.

I thought that was a disgrace as we had to wait 6 months for this to be remedied. I will tell everyone I know not to buy furniture at Rooms To Go. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

Probably won't matter though. I have seen numerous complaints online that I think they really don't care.