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We bought a leather living room suite from Rooms to Go that cost around $3,000.00, which we thought was a very nice set. We also bought the the extended warranty.

We were told that it covered ANYTHING that happened to the furniture within 3 years. The cushions on both sofas no longer stay in place due to the velcro coming off and the leather is bad in places. When I called customer service I was told that the warranty I was sold only covers food spills. WHAT?

Is this a Joke?

Rooms to Go salespeople are Scams--stay away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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I purchased a living room set from Rooms To Go in 2009 and was later contacted to purchase an extended warranty. Unfortunately, I fell for the sales pitch. The set included two wood end tables, a matching coffee table, and a TV stand. I noticed scratches and nicks on these items, but did not contact the warranty service. Although we have been extremely careful, I thought these might be considered "wear and tear". (Note, I have other wood tables that are of higher quality and this never happened to them).

However, approximately one month ago I was cleaning the coffee table and the stain came off of one portion of the table. I cannot think of anything that could have caused this except for a defect in the furniture. I called for warranty service, and after the technician came out, I was contacted and told that this would not be covered.

I should also note that( although my credit card was used as the down payment for the furniture, and I have been making the payments every month, and I was the one who authorized the extended warranty), when I called for customer service, I was told that my husband would have to call for the service because the contract was written in his name only. This was very insulting.

My husband and I are extremely disappointed with the quality of the furniture and now the customer service as well. We will never buy another item at Rooms To Go, and will discourage everybody we know from doing the same.





Read the warranty? Who can desipher the code they write it in?

You need some special agent that can decode it all to understand what it really says! Are you serious?

The underwriters make sure you can't understand what they mean! Thats why they hire them!


read everything- AMEN! but also if u would have read u could have cancelled BEFORE delivyer and be at NO lose.

but i also wanted to say that maybe in respect to the sales person they said 'this 3 year warranty covers anything that spills on it' but all u heared was 'warranty covers ANYTHING' and just so u know if u really did but the extended warranty (which is bought threw customer service not in the showroom) either the 3 or 5 year, you would have this taken care of!

maybe u should think about listening and that way u dont make such expence mistakes next time in any thing u buy! btw i sell insurance so if u go stand in traffic and get hurt call me cuz it covers ANYTHING!!!!


Sounds like Grrrrrrrrrr is trying to drum up some business. There is no ambulance to chase here..


I understand your frustration, and apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. If you can email us your order details at, we will be happy to look further into the matter!


contact attorney Brian Gudmundson at 800.755.0098. He is with Zimmerman Reed law firm. And contact your attorney general for your state.


contact attorney Brian Gudmundson at 800.755.0098. He is with Zimmerman Reed law firm. And contact your attorney general for your state.


Did you even read the warranty? If the "sales person" told you it covered plane crashes would you have believed it?

People are so *** going aimlessly through life living day after day by what people tell them and then blaming everyone else because they are ***. Hopefully everyone else (including you) will learn that you have to read everything especially what a "sales person" tells you is true. WOW the stupidity of society.....

" uhhh duh huh they sales persons told me " ....... wow.....