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Update by user Sep 11, 2012

No response from RTG as of today. I have contacted Florida Attorney General Consumer Division, the Better Business Bureau and another complaint website.

Sale complete, RTG no longer cares what you think. We went to a LOCAL mattress dealer, purchased a complete new queen size mattress and box spring. From now on, I will no longer deal with the big box stores with any purchase other than groceries.

Smaller local business care for their customers. RTG sucks.

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2012

Purchased $6200.00 worth furniture from RTG last year. 5 rooms of furniture.

One bedroom suite has a Simmons defective mattress. Verified by Simmons and RTG. Were told to go to showroom and pick out another mattress and pay a $99.00 Simmons required return fee. What?

Mattress has a 10 year non-prorated warranty. Anyway, we pick out same price mattress as the first one only went to a Sealy brand. RTG says we now have to pay $423.00 because the "room" had a free tv promotion when we bought it.

BS! Better Business Bureau we go Monday.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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David_Johnson, no you are wrong. The warranty is with Simmons Mattress Company, however, Simmons refers you back to the dealer.

So if what BS you are saying (which is the same BS we got from the store Saturday), #1 this is never disclosed when you make your purchase and #2 if that's the case, then send us a new mattress of the same one that is defective. That way it's an exact swap. Oh, I'm sorry, this mattress was discontinued by Rooms to Go. Not my problem, RTG should contact Simmons and get another one shipped in.

Oh, sorry it was discontinued from Simmons? Again, not my problem. Warranty is 100% non prorated warranty so that means dollar for dollar. Oh, and by the way, you might want to tell your managers and sales people not to talk so loud that your customers can't hear you.

Your manager said, "I'll go out and pitch this to them". Sir, I've worked sales all my life and I know the word "pitch".

So ya'll can "pitch" this *** to someone else. I've filed a complaint with the BBB as well as your company headquarters and have taken other measures that I will not give you the privilage of knowing.


We’re sorry for any confusion that this situation may have caused. When being authorized to reselect due to a warranty claim, you are able to select another package of equal value or greater if the difference is paid.

Since you had purchased a promotional package that included a television unit, you are still able to do so towards another package at the same value or greater (if the difference is paid), as long as it is another ultimate package. Normal packages are able to be selected if desired, however you would then be responsible for the cost of the television gift card as the original promotional package would then be broken.