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In early 2012, I purchased several thousand dollars worth of living room furniture from Rooms To Go in Austin, TX. Ten months later, we sold our home and moved to Houston. Shortly before we moved, one of the couches started having issues with the motor. I decided at the time to just deal with it after we got settled into Houston, thinking that it wouldnt be an issue. After arriving in Houston, we started having problems with another motor on the power recliner... and almost like a domino effect, yet another motor went at the same time. So, I call Rooms to Go. It is then that I learn that my warranty was now uesless to me. Apparently, in the ultra small print that you agree to when purchasing furniture from them, the warranty is attached to the address, and is useless to us in Houston.

We were irate. I know I posted a report at the time about that incident, but for the life of me, cannot find it now. 

Eventually, after we had a chance to calm down, we started looking for new furniture. We looked everywhere, and simply couldn’t find anything we liked. Frustrated beyond belief, we decided (against our better judgment) to look at Rooms To Go again, and found something that we liked. We debated about whether or not we should purchase anything from them after feeling like they ripped us off the first time, but eventually, we caved, and purchased a $4500 sectional. I also purchased a matching floor lamp and several other pieces to go with it.

When the new furniture was delivered, we noticed that the stitching was extremely crooked on one of the couches. We complained, but were told because it was so popular, it would take months to get something to replace it (meaning we would be without a couch for months). This wasn’t an option for us, so we decided to just live with it.

Less than 2 months later though, the retractable leg on one of the reclining seats broke (the metal bar physically snapped at the weld – just poor quality). We called Rooms To Go to have a tech sent out to fix it, and again, made a complaint about the stitching, hoping something could be done about it now. The tech came out, took some pictures, and then told us that someone would be in contact with us in 7-10 days. Eventually, they called us back, but told us something we didn’t want to hear. Our 3 month old couch had been discontinued, and it would be impossible to fix or replace. I would have to go into the store and pick out something to replace it (they wouldn’t give me a refund).

We are now livid with Rooms To Go. I was told over and over that it “wasn’t their fault… they cant control the manufacturers”. But the issue here is: my warranty is through ROOMS TO GO… not the manufacturer. It should be Rooms To Go’s responsibility to maintain sufficient parts and supplies to take care of warranty service.

Oh well. So, there was nothing we could do but go find yet another living room set. We could not find anything we liked… but unfortunately, had no alternative, as we could not get a refund. We could not find any sectionals that we liked, so we eventually settled on a Cindy Crawford couch/recliner set. I had my son take measurements of the space they were going in and text them to me… then the salesman gave me the specs (which I wrote down) for each of the pieces. That was last week.

Forward to today… the replacement furniture was delivered, and the sectional that wasn’t repairable was taken away. The furniture was piled in the center of our living room as we wanted to polish the hardwood floors they were about to go on before putting the furniture in place. Unfortunately, the salesman (“Alex”) specs were off. Not by a lot, but by enough that the two recliners we purchased extended well out of the living room and into a common walkway.

I immediately picked up the phone and called the store to talk to Alex. I explain the issue, and ask if we can exchange the 2 recliners for the love seat. He tells me that they can do it, but I will have to pay for pickup, a $300 restocking fee, and a delivery charge. I (still calm at this point) explain that isn’t going to happen, and again remind him of the circus we had been through with Rooms To Go up til this point, and that they need to do the right thing here. He proceeds to tell me that he can’t do anything because those decisions are made by corporate, and I would have to call them (very obviously trying to rush me off the phone at this point).

So I call the corporate number he gave me only to hear that they were shocked a salesman told me to call, as they couldn’t do anything for me… the lady (who was polite enough) tells me “I think you just got brushed off”. She suggested that I call and speak to the store manager and inform him of this.

I am now no longer calm. I am enraged at the treatment I am getting. I get the store manager named Phu on the phone. I (as calm as I can be) explain what his salesman had done, and he comments that he reprimanded Alex for it. I then explain everything that has happened up to this point, and listen in complete shock as he tells me: 1) he is going to charge me everything Alex had stated… and 2) I should be grateful because they didn’t charge me a pro-rated amount on the used couches they were stuck with (the ones that I wanted, but were useless as they couldn’t fix them under warranty) or charge me for delivering the new couches… you know… because it is apparently somehow my fault that they couldn’t fix my couch? My wife’s jaw hit the floor upon hearing that (he was on speaker phone), and I just lost it.

At this point, I have spent WELL over $10,000 at Rooms To Go (not including the $4,000 I spent for my home theater room)… I would do anything to roll back the clock and never step foot in any of their stores.

I guess Im going to have to file suit to get anything accomplished, because Rooms to Go is only concerned with one thing… money. They will screw the customer as much as humanly possible to get just a little bit more money. I am proof of that. I honestly and truly believe that, and am going to make sure anyone and everyone knows it. I will be creating a website shortly, and sending it off (a perk of my job) to every media outlet I can... if I can save at least one other person from the nightmare we've been stuck in, it will be worth my time.  

At this point… I want one of two things to happen:

1) take both of these recliners away, and give me the matching power loveseat (I will find something else to use the remainder of the balance on)….


2) Issue a complete refund of the original purchase amount and come get your furniture. I was willing to pay for delivery fees when speaking to Phu (the store manager), but am now so irate at the way this has been handled, that I will not be spending another dime.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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I wish I would have read your comment before I shopped @ RTG. The sales associate I dealt with order the wrong items and when I spoke with the manager she acknowledge the mistake but the mistake could only be fixed at a extra cost to me.


We never want our customers to feel this way regarding their purchase, and would be happy to help in any way we can. Care to send us your order info and details on your recent experience to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! -Melissa


You need to write a letter to the Consumer Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission regarding these issues. I think you will find - QUICK results from all involved... Good Luck


I am very sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience with Rooms To Go. We have received your post on the other site and your email to Tellus@Roomstogo.com and are in the process of making this right for you.

Thank you. April


Next time stop at irate and you won't get to livid. These "specs" you talk about mean nothing.

It is one hundred percent the responsibility of the purchaser to assure that what they are buying will fit. You know what Gomer used to say "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." "Fool me again and I'll go make a stink about it on PC!"