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On December 28th 2008 I went into the Rooms To Go store located at The Woodlands Showroom 26660 Interstate 45 The Woodlands, TX 77386 phone number 281-298-0247. The sales person gave me a printed quote for 1 black mission computer desk, 1 black mission computer hutch, 1 black mission dresser and 1 black mission full size bed. The sales total for this quote was $1499.99. I asked him if that was the best price he could give me to which he replied the prices are set in the computer and this is the best deal anyone who works for this company can give you. I told him that I would have to think about the purchase and I left.

On December 29th 2008 around 2:00 pm I went to the Rooms To Go web site and looked up the price of the bedroom set that the sales person quoted me. I then started an online chat with a customer sales agent for Rooms To Go a partial transcript of this chat is below:

You: Ok just so that I understand you. The package would be: 1 full bed 1 dresser 1 computer desk 1 computer desk hutch & 1 trundle bed for $1200.00.

Agent: No, the trundle would not be in the package. You will purchase the trundle at is individual retail value in addition to the $1,200.

You: So $1429.99?

Agent: That is correct.

Agent: To make the changes, We will need you place the order through the website for the package the way it is featured and then call Online Support at 1-888-709-5380 option 1 with your order number so We can make the changes.

You: Are there any other fees (other than tax)?

Agent: Yes, the website will calculate the delivery fee for you once you have the package plus the trundle in the shopping cart and advise of the delivery zip code there. Sales tax is charged according to the sales tax rate of the delivery destination.

You: Could you calculate the delivery fee for me first? My zip is 77346.

Agent: $115

You: Ok thank you for your help.

Agent: You are very welcome.

So the online customer service representative gave me a quote for the same bedroom suite with an additional trundle under the bed for $1429.99 plus tax and delivery fee. With this information in hand I contacted the sales person at the Woodlands store to see if they could match this price and was told that if I had a copy of the online conversation with customer service the store he would match the price quoted online. So I immediately picked up my laptop got in my car and drove 25 miles to the showroom.

When I got there the sales person told me that they had already used the online chat on the Rooms To Go website pretending to be a customer and had received the same price quote. The then started to explain to me that the customer service agent misquoted me the price and left off additional fees. I then showed the chat dialog that I had earlier on my laptop and asked if they were going to keep their word and match the price. I was told "No". "We are in the business to make money not give furniture away." The sales person then called customer service and identified themself as an employee of store number 2381 and corrected them on their misquote. The sales person then asked them to email me another "correct" quote in order to educate me on how incorrect the first quote really was. (see below)

The subject of the email that I received from customer service was: mission black 4pc full bedroom with desk and hutch.

The body was: Price for the package 1599.99. Package does not included the mirror or the nightstand.



Online Support

I then explained to the sales person that I did not drive here to learn how Rooms To Go functions as a business and that if the sales person is not going to honor the online quote as the sales person told me on the phone then the sales person is wasting my time and the fuel that I used to drive 25 miles to get to his store. I informed the sales person that I was going to report this incident to the Better Business Bureau and write a letter to the corporate office. The sales person said "You do what you feel you need to do but we are in the business to make money and our corporate office will agree." I asked the sales person what they would do if a similar situation were to happen to them at another store and they told me "I guess I would leave and buy elsewhere."

So that's what I did!

Monetary Loss: $229.

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No dumb *** I actually filed a complant with the BBB. After that I recieved an apology from RTG and my bedroom set for the price I was originally quoted. I don't get mad I get even!


You ***. You expect a customer service person to give you an accurate quote when their main job is to fix delivery issues, NOT SELL FURNITURE.

I'm sure you went somewhere else and got junk and were over charged for that junk. But you didn't realize you got junk because you were too busy thinking "Yea, this will show RTG." Guess what, they don't miss your $1499 in their multi millions of dollars.


If deception is the primary tool used to keep your job then you need a new job anyway.


rtg has sales quotas you were being slammed so that the sales person could keep their job.