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We live fairly close the Willowbrook location in Houston so we thought we would give them a shot. Shopping around in the store wasn't an issue.

Everyone was nice. We looked in the main showroom, the kids store and the outlet. We kind of wanted something from all three "rooms" only to be told that they are all 3 separate stores ran by 3 different mangers. You can't use the 0% interest financing in the outlet so we never went back in there.

We actually decided on a bedroom suit that was in the current add. We started in on the buying process and the salesman's nice attitude turned into a *** one. (should have walked away right at that moment.) We were buying this a week and a half from our daughter's 16th birthday and wanted it delivered on or before the big day only to be told the bed (the one in the add) couldn't be delivered for at least 3 weeks because they were out of stock, but the rest of the pieces could be delivered with no problem. Who wants part of the stuff when you pay for all of it?

We decided against this set and moved on looking at other options. She picked out a different set that was comparable, but we decided to look at other stores before committing. Nothing caught her eye at the 3 other reputable chains so we went back to RTG. We actually bought the floor model for a great price only to be told we couldn't pick the mattress and recliners up for a week.

We could have the furniture but no mattress....WTH? The only way to get the mattress sooner was to have it delivered, but they would not be able to give us a window of time, we just had to be home all day and wait for it. This was on Sunday. We were told we could pay for the furniture but couldn't come to pick it up until tuesday or wednesday.

My husband explained to them that we would have to pick up on Monday as he was off of work on Monday. We were then told that they could not have pieces missing from the showroom floor until after 5 on Monday as they were having "company" Monday afternoon. My husband's comment to them was..."your more interested in your showroom looking good for the big wigs rather than making a sale?". They said yes.

We agreed to after 5 on Monday. We were told by the salesman and the manager to call 15 minutes ahead of time and they would have the furniture waiting at the customer pick up at the back of the store. Guess what? We called them to let them know we were on our way and when we got there, it was still in the showroom.

We were waiting out back only to be told by the rent a cop that we were in a no parking area. We weren't parking, we were waiting on our furniture. I guess being back there waiting for over an hour was kind of parking, but we weren't budging until we had our furniture. Once they started to come out with it, 9 employees came out for their smoke break including the guy helping load it.

We asked them to move down a ways because our kids were with us and we don't like them around smoke. One gentleman called my husband an *** ***". I don't have a problem with smokers, I have a problem with people who smoke and have no common courtesy to stay away. There were other customers waiting as well at this point with just as much frustration as us.

I really feel like this company has some learning to do. There is zero attention to customer service. Everything is about their rules and my money in there pocket. We never even got a "thanks for doing business with us".

We chose not to buy the mattress pad or the furniture protection and they gave us ***. The salesman said that we weren't worried about our health. He said "you like sleeping on dead skin and dust mites?". "you like sitting in your own body oils?

gross, but whatever, it's your health." He also told my daughter to lift the mattress once it was delivered and then lift it again in 5 years and it would double in weight do to dead skin and dust mites. I have my own *** mattress pads, why should I HAVE to buy new ones. I'm pretty sure the sell of the pads and the protection is his only commission so that's why he was pissed! How do furniture sells men sleep at night?

The mattress and the recliners are being delivered today. Let's see if they come in decent shape. We will NEVER shop the showroom ever again. We will pay off the furniture quickly and get rid of the account.

It is so nice when you go to chick-fil-a and spend $5 and you get a "my pleasure", but you spend $3000 at RTG and you get smoke blown in your face and no one gives ***. I will be mailing a complaint letter to the main offices and I'm sure I won't even get a response. I really wish Marvin Zindler was still alive.

He would blast them on the news! I really think RTG encourages hatefulness.

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I dunno what it is about furniture stores they all seem like they have something up their ***! We went into a RTG only to be stared down at when we first walked in and not even greeted!

We had to track someone down to get service, then in the middle of our $2000 sale he stopped and said he would be back to finish a transaction with a woman that walked in! Horrible service.

I am also in the Houston area go figure. Hope your daughters set is finally complete!


I am currntly having several issues with Rooms to Go and would like to ntact them via mail. We have already tried contacting them by phone and email and left with no resolution.

At this point, we would like to take further action. Would anyone happen to have a mailing address for them?

The one I tried is 11540 US Highway 92, East Tampa Florida 33602 and unfortunately my letter was returned as "not deliverable as addressed". Please advise, thank you.


Customer Service for RTG is out of this world...no class, no respect, not professional at all. They will yell right back at you if you raise your voice at them.

They are so full of BS, it's up to their waist and their drowning in disgust. NEVER BUY FROM ROOMS TO GO on 45 Gulf Freeway.


I too am disgusted by these high school drop outs or homeless workers. They have no class and forget about Customer Service they're worst than the sales people and worst than store managers.

WTH happened to Customer Service? I wish i'd done some research before I purchased my daughter a bedroom set, which I'm still waiting for 1 piece that is yet to be the correct color, and is yet to be delivered. They scam you when you're purchasing by telling you that it is on back order for a few weeks, and that's all a bunch of BS. They know exactly that the furniture will not come for several months but they still sell it to you...so how do we prove it.

I urge all the folks out there to file a complaint with the BBB and the Texas Attorney Generals office, please let them know so customers like myself will know what kind of scam artists are out there no matter what the store looks like, it's a scam. Please let the public know what you went through. Yes and I agree I too wish that Marvin Zindler was still alive, he would give them a piece of his mind...I will also call Amy Akin to see if she can do something. You might be seeing me on her show very soon.

My advice is do all that you can to spread the message of this incompetent retailer and we'll shut them down.

Rooms to go on 45 on the Gulf Freeway is where i purchased my daughters furniture. NEVER AGAIN will they scam me.