Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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My wife and I took the kids to get a new bed room set up. We have all ready had 2 previous purchase's with rtg.

the first was ok. the second, they screwed up the delivery on 1 item. This 3rd time is the last time I will ever shop there again. Wasted all day Saturday waiting for delivery which was supposed to be between 11 am to 3 pm.

the thugs did not show up till 5:30 pm. no one called. then the order was short, they said 1 item was damaged and it would not be delivered till May, this is March. Told them BS.

it will be delivered next week or I'll bring the whole order back to show room and won't pay a dime and let the lawyers get in to it. RTG called back and said it would be delivered Thursday and that they would call 1 hour before. NO CALL, they called when they were in front of the house, no one home.

now I'm home and waiting while I type this review, boy, I won't do this I really have a case of the red ***. Better not hit any walls this time boys, you will hear about it.


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I’m soo sorry to hear about your recent delivery. That certainly isn’t how we expect our offices to operate and would like to get this corrected.

Would it be possible for you to email us your order details so that we can address this with all involved personnel? If so, please email us at