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We went to the store location to look around & then we saw something we liked but did not have money for. The sales rep suggested a credit card from the store so we went home to think about it. I applied online for the card, got approved and went back up to the store to buy the futon bunk bed that we liked.

We went and found the guy & he started to check us out but then when another lady came to help him with the transaction she said that we could not pay for the whole thing on the credit card. She said I had to put 20% down & could not explain why. She just said it was store policy. I got the credit card cuz I did not have the money so I could not afford 20% down. I told them to never mind & went home.

I went on line & bought it with my rooms to go card without any issues. I just had to pay the tax separately which was NOT 20%. Once I made my order they called & confirmed my information & I was set. But then the next day they called me several times to say that I might want to order a different mattress than the one I ordered. I told them that I ordered the one I wanted to order & was not going to change my mind. It was annoying that they were questioning my order but it was just a minor annoyance. They called again later to say that my shipment would be in from 3 to 7 pm on wed.

I was home until 4 but then I had to work. My bf was home until 5. We asked our room mate if he could wait til 7. We got a call from them at 530 stating that they were running late & later got a voicemail from the dispatch at 751 pm that they were at the door, no one was answering & that they would wait 15 more min. keep in mind that our apartment complex is gated and the apartment office was closed so there was really no way for them to be at our door unless they followed someone in.

I tried to call the dispatch lady back at 753 pm but all I got was a machine that customer service lines are closed. I had no way of contacting her. So my bf called my roommate and he steps outside. There was not anyone at the door. My bf leaves HEB which is 7 minutes from where we live and he sees the truck driving about half a mile from apartment, not at the door. He pulls up along side them & asks them to follow him to apartment but they refuse. They say they are going to be late to their next order. We waited on them all day & they did not have the courtesy to take 2 minutes out of their day to make a delivery that cost $150. I could drive to Katy to pick up the furniture myself for 20 & assemble it myself. They drove off and we did not get our furniture. The lady called again 807 to tell us we had to reschedule.

My boyfriend was on the phone with her. She was very rude & blamed us for what happened. She said we should have called her back faster. We told her the customer service lines were closed & she said, "oh yeh, I forgot." We told her that the delivery truck did not wait 15 minutes like she said they would & she said she has no control over them & that she could not do anything about it. We told her that someone was home, our apartment complex was gated & there was no way they got in. We said that if they managed to follow someone in then they did not knock at the right door because our roommate stepped outside & they were not there. All she did was laugh at us. My bf was pretty mad but sensible & he asked her if we rescheduled could she please give us a morning window because if they are late they will show up in the afternoon rather than the night and she said she could not guarantee anything & was very rude about it. Then she asked my bf if he wanted to cancel the order. It was not his order to cancel. She was offering my boyfriend the option to cancel MY order. At that point he saw he was talking to a complete *** and hung up the phone. Rooms to go is pain to do business with and I would not recommend their company to anyone. They are rude, ignorant and late. Customer service is simply non-eexistent.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Listen to their commercial. They require customers to pay equal to tax & delivery.

Its straight forward. You had the option not to buy.


Listen to their commercial. They require customers to pay equal to tax & delivery.

Its straight forward. You had the option not to buy.


Sounds like someone is looking out for you beacause if you cannot afford to buy the furniture or even the 20% then you probably don't need the furniture anyway. Sounds like a good way to save some money and get your finances in order first. So don't be upset look at it as a positive thing.