San Saba, Texas

Update by user Feb 20, 2015

My husband went back to Austin, to the Roomstogo store where we bought the couch. The manager came out and finally told him that we would be refunded 100%.

The 80% had already been refunded and the other 20 % took a long week to be credited on our card. But it's done now, so we're OK and bought a couch from an old family owned furniture store, where they have stock andwhere you leave with your couch loaded on your truck.

Wonderful. And on top of this we saved 400 $.

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2015

They had to deliver a 1.500 $ couch yesterday, for a misunderstanding on the delivery hour and because they did not have the right phone number to get in touch with us, it did not happen.

The only days delivery they have is wednesday, if we are not here too bad, they'll reschedule on and on wednesdays, with no limit of time. We cannot pick it up ourselves.

We cannot cancel the order without a penalty of 20 % = 300 $. They are abusing their position as they were paid when we ordered.

NEVER AGAIN, the seller are very nice when you buy, but extremely rude and aggressive when you call to solve a problem. NEVER AGAIN ROOMS TO GO,

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rooms To Go Cons: Hateful customer service.

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There is only "one WORD" To describe my Nightmare!! I purchased 2 sofas on 3/6/15 one one them had a defect on the arm.

I also got the fabric protector and put my sofas to the test with water when they arrived, BAM neither sofa had the fabric protector on them... If a drink is spilled it should Bead up on the furniture, well this was not the case at all, after pouring a teaspoon of water both sofas "Soaked" the water up/not beaded like it was supposed too. called RTG and they ask me if I wanted someone to come out and put the protector on or have the sofas picked up and receive "two more", I opted for a replacement. today on 4/4/15 my two replacement sofas arrived..

OMG here is where my nightmare begins, one of the delivery walked right into my home and the first thing out of his mouth was ?can i use your bathroom???!!! before i could answer hi he said to me, "please excuse me if i pass gas when i walk by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was MORTIFIED!!!!! he then said "I have to GO really bad~~~~~~~~ he proceeded to walk down my hallway into the bathroom, i walked to my son's bedroom and he was in shock by what he had just heard.

one of the other guys on the delivery truck entered my home about 4 minutes later asking where the other guy was?!?! "I said he's in the bathroom", there is no way to explain how embarrassed he was, he turned around and waled out, 6 minutes later he came back in the door and at this time the one in the bathroom was coming out>>> he spent 10 MINUTES in my bathroom while TWO others waited in the truck.. omg he then proceeded to talk again about "how bad he had to go"!!! my son and I were in shock..

much to my surprise I have received my TWO replacement sofas and once again both are without the fabric protector ( put them to the test)... I don't think I will ever get that guy out of my head!!!!

@Mortified by delivery guy

update, my story is going on Twitter and facebook... who does that?!?! who walks into a strangers home and ask if they can stink up your bathroom???


I am experiencing a similar issue right now. I purchased a couch last weekend (2/8/15) and scheduled delivery for this morning (2/12/15).

I received a confirmation text and phone call that delivery was scheduled for 2/12/15. I took time off from work to be here since my delivery time was 7 am - 11:00am. When I called customer service this morning I was told the delivery was canceled due to overload. How does company think they can cancel a scheduled and confirmed delivery without notifying the customer.

I only find out because I called in to see if I could get a more accurate delivery time. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!


Ouch! I'm really sorry to hear about this.

I'm not sure how the drivers did not have the correct phone number as when the order is placed the numbers are given to us by the customer.

However I would be happy to look over your account. Are you able to send me your order info to