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Like I mentioned in an earlier reply I did receive the new mattress set. It was wrapped in plastic so I don\'t understand why it had a soiled spot on it.

I didn\'t see the spot until the delivery guys left. I immediately called RTG and they set up delivery for a new one a week later! I didn\'t really want to sleep on a dirty mattress for a week especially not knowing what the stain was but luckily it was at the foot and I have a mattress protector. I got the new one and although it is valued at $700 less it sleeps ok and I\'m not having the pain like before.

It is still irritating that I got one so much lower in value but I did everything I could do! Since posting I have went and read the other RTG complaints. I didn\'t mention other problems I had with RTG so I am mentioning them now for anyone who might find this information useful. I have been a RTG customer for about ten years and when I first shopped there I bought a living room set which included a coffee table.

My coffee table started peeling and chipping in one spot. A guy, who was very rude, came to \"repair\" it and it looked okay for a little while but started doing the same thing again. I bought a $500 leather recliner a little over a year ago. It started making a noise about two weeks after receiving it.

I called RTG, they inspected it and said that something might need tigtening but that it was pretty much normal. That was the end of that! I also bought a bedroom set less than a year ago and noticed last week that the side of the headboard is busted. My nightstand is really close so I never noticed this after delivery.

I haven\'t decided yet if I want to even bother pursuing it. Like I said before RTG has lost my business for life!

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2011

Bought a mattress set worth $1700 at RTG. It caused back, neck and shoulder pain.

They came out and determined the mattress set was defective. Their warranty policy is a joke and very unfair. I am now getting a set worth only $1000. This really does *** me off because this is something I sleep on every night and a difference of $700 surely will sleep differently!

The material and look of the new set is much lower in quality. Tried contacting customer service through email and phone, both offered no help. Disputed this through the Better Business Bureau, again did nothing to get me another mattress of equal value. Hopefully, if enough people complain they will change their policy to be fair to the consumer.

I've spent over $5000 with RTG and this is how I am treated! The guy at the store even told me that I could complain to corporate but they wouldn't care or do anything! Never will shop there again!!

I couldn't believe they were willing to lose my business over this! I realize this company is popular but I'm hoping word of mouth slowly makes them lose business because with customer service like this they do not need to be in business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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Bought a pillow top mattress set from RTG in 2002. A few yrs later the top sagged on each side where my husband and I sleep.

Tech came out, agreed and it was resolved immediately. However, the replacement was NOT a pillow top and different manufacturer. When I called RTG after realizing this, they said that mfg was out of business. I told them that was not my fault and you should make good to the consumer.

They did. Now several yrs later, AGAIN sagging mattress. Today I call and was told by service dept that mfg is no longer in business so sorry, we can't do anything about it. I explained previous problem (same thing w/mfg out of business) and your company honored my warranty and replaced it.

NOPE.....I'm out of luck!

They sure can sell their products with all kinds of promises on warranties but they did NOT stand up to it in customer service this time. Very disappointed in the quality from the manufacturer THEY choose to sell and not backing them up.


To mattress killing me: obviously their products aren't quality made and if they valued their customers, which I now know they don't, they wouldn't even charge $99. They would say to these companies give me a quality products or we won't sell your products.

AND then when a customer buys something defective they should say hey we messed up and will take care of it. Not charge us more money because we trusted their company to sell us something we expected to last the 10 years that a mattress should last. Also, look at the small amount of time you had yours and they are going to charge YOU to replace it. However, I have dealt with one of the big gods in customer service.

They don't care. They have plenty of money and don't realize this is a big issue for the everyday person barely getting by like myself. And say your item was on sale but when you go back they don't have anything on sale. Well, you aren't getting something of the same quality like it states in the warranty.

You are getting what you can afford that day! This policy is such bs!


purchased a king simmons from rtg 5 weeks ago. already has deep indentions where each of us lay. called customer service and they recorded the call as simple customer dissatisfaction and referred me to the store for resolve. The sales rep tells me they will exchange the mattress for another of our choice for a $99 restocking fee. If the replacement is more expensive, we pay the difference. If it's less expensive, no refund. I'm ok with that because I want it resolved. So I went to the store yesterday and picked out a less expensive mattress that we would be happy with, went to check out and they wanted $400, not $99. Now the store manager is referring me back to the customer service line to have a tech come out and inspect the mattress. That's what I wanted to begin with but CS sent me to the store.

getting the run around for sure. very disappointed with the service at the moment. We've spent thousands with them this year because we bought a new home. This is the only issue i've had, but it's huge to me. I've got a mattress and I can't sleep on and not seeing any sense of urgency to get it resolved.

Customer Service is now telling me that it will be aleast a week before a tech can come out - yet' I'm off work THIS week. I can't *** my first week back after the holidays.

What a *** operations. Once this is resolved - if it ever it - I will NEVER do business with they again. Promise!!


I bought a bedroom and living room set with R2G outlet about 5 years ago. Our living room set so far has no problems and our bedroom set has been ok too.

I have had to make some repairs to my bed becuase one of the side railing broke off but that was after 4 years and 3 kids jumping on the bed. Now as far as my mattresses they suck in customer service. I also bought a twin mattress from R2G about 7 years ago with a 10yr stain proof warranty. I ended up giving that mattress to my second daughter who was being potty trained at the time and she had an accident on the bed.

I called R2G and they changed the mattress out no problem only after I showed them my receipt. I ended up buying the same mattress from them but it was a display one (still with the plastic on it) because they did not have any more at the store. On the receipt I had the sales person type in that the original warranty is applied to the mattress. 2 years later my daughter spilled juice on her bed and there was a stain.

I called R2G and they told me it was not under warranty because it was a display. At the time I could not find my receipt but kept telling the manager that it states it on the receipt the warranty still applies. She kept denying that she did not see it and would not send someone out to check it. I called customer service, what a joke, they kept telling me to speak to the store manager about it.

I kept telling CS that she is the one denying the warranty and would not do anything about it. I emailed R2G from their website and they responded that they will look into it. After about 2 weeks and no response I went to the store it was purchased from and asked to speak to the manager. She refused to come out and asked me to leave because there was nothing that could be done since I did not have the receipt.

I had my husband go into the store when I walked out and had him go to the Customer service desk and ask for a copy of the receipt (they had no idea who he was and what had gone on). They gave him a copy and it stated clearly that the original warranty was applied to mattress because it was still in original packaging!! I laughed in the car and called the manager from my cell phone and told her to look at my receipt. She told me she did not see it and since I did not have the receipt there is nothing that can be done.

I laughed on the phone and told her exactly where to look and what it said. I also told her I just received the copy from the store before I left so if she does not see it then she is blind. Needless to say 2 days later I was delivered another mattress!! Now before this mattress went bad I did purchase a king mattress with a 5 yr warranty for myself (over $900 and a big mistake) and about 4 years later one of the springs popped out of the side.

I called them once again and they sent someone out within a week (different manager). The man came, looked at my bed, and immediately said its a warranty issue and it needs to be replaced under warranty. I called R2G and was told they would deliver a new one once I picked it out. So far so good right?....

Wrong!!! I went to the store and as soon as I told them which one I wanted there was a $99 restocking fee and I needed to bring my mattress to the store and take the new one back myself. After stating that this was not told to me over the phone they kept repeating. That weekend I borrowed a truck and threw the old mattress on it (got it nice a dirty in the process of loading) and went to R2G and picked out a new one.

Of course by then the best one that I could afford after my deduction was one for $700. Brought this one home and not even a year later it sags in the middle. Called R2G again and they sent someone out. Well according to that person it only sags 1 1/2" and the warranty covers 2" or more.


I told my husband if we do get this covered under warranty I am going to buy twin beds for my nieces and nephews who are currently sleeping on an air mattress because they can not afford mattresses and buy myself a really good one somewhere else. I will NEVER buy another mattress or anything from R2G!!!


RTG sucks!!! I will never buy anything from them again.

I also received a defective mattress and they are now telling me they will refund me but charge a 20% restocking fee and a fee to come pick up the mattress - really?

If you sold quality products in the first place you would not have a need for a restocking fee provision! I told them they would not need to charge me a fee to pick it up because I would gladly deliver it to their front door and let all customers walking in know that they should turn around and shop somewhere else!!


Beth, the mattress I ended up with was finally delivered. It had plastic on it and it had a soiled spot on it about a foot in diameter.

I didn't see it until the delivery guys left and I went to put my sheets back on. I called customer service and was stuck with sleeping on a dirty mattress for a week! If I had not had the mattress cover protecting me and the spot would have been on the head of the bed I would have been sleeping on the couch!

It was still gross though not knowing what the stain was! Everything you said wouldn't surprise me at all if it was true.


I have had 2 mattresses delivered from RTG and both were defective, stained, ripped, soiled. Now waiting on 3rd attempt to deliver.

Dealing with customer service is a nightmare. I truly believe that they are putting other peoples defective mattresses back is plastic wrapping and taking them to other peoples homes as new.

I AM CERTAIN THE 2ND MATTRESS WAS USED. Stay away from this awful store.


Totally agree, I wish I should read this before I bought my furniture there.


Hi, I knew that and I understand what it's for but RTG is a big company and there's no reason they couldn't negotiate this. If I'm losing sleep every night because I was sold a defective mattress set I am the last person who should be paying anything.


Ok yes I work for RTG. The $99.

that is being charged is a factory cost.

RTG gets none of that. If you read your warrenty card you will see it says for warrenty claim the factory will charge a pick up fee.


Deanna, luckily for you you didn't wait to complain. My husband and I kept thinking that we just needed to adjust to a new mattress and ignored how it was making us feel.

About six months into it I was in the store buying a new bedroom set and brought it up to the sales person in which I was told it was too late to do anything about it. A couple months ago we had finally had it. Our sleep was really being affected and we woke up every morning feeling the same way you did. Unfortunately, our mattress was discontinued so instead we had to go to the store and pick another one.

Here we are, at no fault of our own, having to give them back a defective mattress and THEY charge ME money ($99) to get another one. The fact that I'm having to pay anything is obsurd to me! Hopefully, since you've only had it 2 weeks they will not make you pay that. This method they use is what is unfair.

It is impossible to go in the store and choose another set similar in price. Had they not been having a sale that day I would have walked away with a set even lower in value than what I did! I will never shop with them again!

I've also had problems with a leather recliner and a coffee table I purchased with them but I didn't include that in my post. Hope you get it settled without getting ripped off!


I wish I had known about this website before I Purchased my matresses from Rooms To Go 2 weeks ago! I just called this morning about my $1700 mattress that is worsening my back pain!

I went and stayed in a hotel for two nights with no back pain. Returned home and one night on tie matress and I can hardly move! A tech is coming out on Weds!

I pray they don't rip us off too! We have spent about $15,000 in their store!