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We bought a RTG Brand Mattress Protector which we were told, as also is advertised on their website, that the protector has a 10 year guarentee to be WATERPROOF, the sales lady told us that if our daughter wet the bed and it went through, they would replace our mattress... well, I was sold on the 10 year guarentee.

I thought the mattress protector must work or RTG would be out of business from replacing alot of mattresses....WRONG... It was on my daughters bed for less than a week when she peed and some leaked through her pull-up and yes it went through the mattress protector!!!! Anyway their guarentee, is that customers are not going to keep calling their customer service reps if the reps keep telling them their is nothing they can do. As a customer, what else can you do?

For 2 weeks we have been asking for a refund on this false advertised product, the store told us to call customer service dept... the customer service said we need to call the store...

then customer service told us that we had the approval to return the mattress protector, see Erica, so we went to the store, and Erica says she knows of no such thing and she can't do anything, it's up to customer service.... I hope a Lawyer get word of all these False Advertising scams RTG is doing and files some kind of charges against them because this is so wrong.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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my two boys also have peed in my bed and RTG has replaced my mattress and "protector" pad, three times now. Three times the technicion has determined that the protector pad leaks; however, now all of a sudden this time it was deteremined that it doesn't leak and so now they won't warranty my mattress which ALSO had dropped 2 inches in the middle of the bed.