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I have a leather couch, loveseat and recliner chair combo that I purchased approximately 1.5 yrs ago. After purchasing these items in store, a representative from the warranty department called to state that I should have been offered the warranty at time of sale but that she could offer it to me by phone.

I purchased all three items together, so keep that in mind as I tell my story. My recliner arm fell apart from the seat and my couch began to bough about 3 weeks in. I called, a tech came out, and they sent a new recliner and fixed the bowing of the couch. I was never sent the full detailed warranty in all this time but I knew I was covered for 2 more years.

I called in a claim this summer as my couch was beginning to bow again and my loveseat was coming apart at the seam around the top cushions. I was told that the loveseat would not be covered due to wear and tear which was the reason I thought I purchased the extended warranty (usually appliances, electronics etc malfunction due to manufacturing or programming defects). I was later informed that wear and tear is not covered, that it had to be a manufacturing defect. I was not happy but I accepted it.

I was given a claim number in order for my couch to be repaired. I call back to customer service and they proceeded to tell me that my couch is not covered under warranty. I am livid at this point because they don’t appear to want to fix anything, the warranty was a waste. I put in a complaint to BBB.

I get an offer for courtesy call. I thought the tech was going to fix the problems, but he only took pictures. It has been two going on three weeks and I never heard anything. It looks like they did enough to pacify me for the time being.

I call today to inquire about their findings. They tell me that the issue has been presented to "Presidential". Once I explain what happened initially to the customer service rep. her tone changes, she is not nasty, but a little cold and goes on to defend the warranty policy that they only repair manufacturing defects, anything other than that is not covered.

She agrees to forward my inquiry to "Presidential" nonetheless. I am waiting to hear back from them but in my opinion, I have already waited long enough. From reading other complaints, I am not so sure that my couch ripping at the seams is due to wear and tear. From the sound of it, it appears that it is a common complaint- a manufacturing defect due to cheaply made furniture and cheap materials being used.

I guess that is how they are able to offer furniture at such a reasonable price. I thought it was due to mass production. I wish I had read complaints before purchasing. I do not make or have a lot of money and it was much more appealing to me to purchase furniture at a lower cost.

I now understand Gallery Furniture stays packed with customers.

I thought they were overpriced. You get what you pay for!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rooms To Go Cons: Furniture quality.

  • Poor Quality At Rtg
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