Jacksonville, Florida
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Approximately one month ago the delivery driver for Rooms To Go backed into and destroyed our $5,000 brick mailbox. The driver denied hitting the mailbox or causing the damage.

We contacted the police who located an eye witness to the accident. The eyewitness confirmed the RTG driver deystroyed the mailbox. The RTG driver now has a warrant out of his arrest. He is charged with hit and run as well as lying to the police.

For the past month we have attempted to get RTG to repair the mailbox. They have refused to pay for repairs because "fixing your mailbox would incriminate our driver". Whatever happened to making sure the customer was satisfied? They instead decided to support their driver who will be spending some time in jail over the holiday weekend if the police can locate him.

There are two points prospective customers should take away from our misfortune:

1) RTG has at least one active driver with a warrant out for his arrest. Hopefully he is not delivering product to your house today.

2) In the event property damage occurs during the course of a delivery, RTG has a policy of denying responsibilty for repairs. Be prepared to spend hours on the phone with customer service and getting nowhere.

I now have to hire an attorney to make sure RTG does the right thing. Very disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Repair.

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How much is the house worth?


If you paid 5k for a mailbox you have more money than you know what to do with...


Really, you are a ***. That is beside the point. You must be a democrat.


OMG, a driver is on the way to my home at this moment, 8:49 pm., he was scheduled to be here between 4&8, he called at 8:15 said he will be here by 9:15.

I hope its not the one with a warrant.