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As of August 3rd it will be three years since the Rooms To Go delivery truck rolled onto my carport and caused damages. They have ignored us...stalled us and sent out countless adjusters to try not to pay this claim. SE Delivery is a Corp but it has the same address as Rooms To Go in Seffner Florida. Here is the scoop. They hire a high paid Attorney now named Brendon Stuhan that graduated from Virginia Law School that just curiously has a boat load of Seaman Family Members as Alumni and donators to the College. Of course he practices in Pennsylvania which is where the Current CEO Jeffrey Seaman's family is originally from and are Quakers. Mr. Seaman's grandfather Julius and his brother took over the business after his father died and this has been the family pattern. Now Jeffrey's cousins and wife are part of Finco Financial Corp and ETI Financial Corp which is insurance premium financing and they are also leaving a path of lies, deceit and rip offs behind them. It appears that the Seaman Family has contempt for the general population and are stealing from anyone they can. Now this will make you sick...Grandma lives in a multi million dollar home in Muttontown NY with a million dollar condo in Stuart Florida. Here is a food chain for you all to follow:Linda Seaman - Wife to Jeffery Seamon CEO Rooms To Go / Stephen Buckley - COO of Rooms To Go lives in Pinellas County Fl / Lois B Seaman - Mother to Jeffrey Seamon (Muttontown/Stuart Resident.) / 'Morty' Morton Seaman - deceased Husband to Lois/ Father to Jeffery / Dana Seaman Manning - Listed as officer for ETI Marketing, sister to Jeffery. / Carl Seaman - deceased Morty's Brother & Co Founder RTG / Jordan Seaman - son of Carl Seaman, Nephew to Morty, Cousin of Jeffrey also involved in ETI and Founder of ETI etc. Now here is who you can contact:

You can complain to the CEO at : or the COO at: ….or contact one of the brand names they carry such as the head of Crawford Home Fashions Inc (Cindy Crawford) at : or the marketing company at : and of course contact JC Penney's to voice that Cindy Crawford is signed on with RTG so therefore boycotting them and you can contact them at :

And last but not least contact the newspapers, radio, blogs, twitters and file a complaint with the Attorney General's office in your State.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Good evening,

I sold all of my furniture as I was purchasing my condo at 5452 millenia lakes blvd, unit 550. I purchased furniture from rooms to go before in 2008 and the experience was great.

On Saturday, I moved into my condo and journeyed to rooms to go to look at furniture. Barry was my sells person and he was a great sakes person, talked me Ito upgrading and buying various additional protections. On June 27 2012 my furniture was scheduled to be delivered between 2 to 6. I received a call from an 813 number at 5:48.

The callers reception was horrible, i explained to the caller several times that I could  not hear him. He continued to talk in attempt to explain that he was downstairs. I was able to understand this after several attempts. As I explained to him that the front office coud let him innthe gate the phone disconnected and I called back to no answer.

I went downstairs and the truck was not there. I called and left a message on the callers voice mail and I then called customer service as it was now 6:05 and I had been waiting since 2. Customer service was unable to assist me. Around 6:20 I receive a knock on the door it is rge rude guy from the call earlier.

His boots are saturated in dirt from bring outside and he says nothing to apologize for being late or the inconvenience. My unfunished unit with new carpet became saturated with dirt. He hit the lower wall as he was moving the dresser from in front if the cable and plugs as he begrudgedly sad to me that he job was only to deliver and not to set up the furniture...the bed rail was chipped in two places during this delivery, the wall with *** the wall from where he placed the bed marked up, the bed not assembled with the mattress, the debris from the styrofoam and boxes left all over my condo and outside and my lamp shade and lamp broken.  This was absolutely the worst customer service and experience ever.

My damaged furniture will need to be replaced, my carpet cleaned, the wall painted and my carpet cleaned as it is the fault of the employee of rooms to go. I am truly dissatisfied with my experience and regret purchasing my furniture from rooms to go. 


Well we finally settled our loss. It was nothing near what the damage was.

They put several Attorneys on this and drug it out to the end. Best advise - google a company for complaints before you do business with them.

Everyone will have a complaint here or there-But RTG has a bigger disaster path than a killer tornado ever had. Best to steer clear of it.


Shame on Rooms To Go. I have made multiple purchases from the Dadeland store.

Each time there were delivery problems. Decided to give them one last try. The salesman guaranteed me my need for afternoon delivery would be honored. They were to call me 5 days before delivery and at that time I was to tell them I needed a afternoon time slot.

The call came 48 hours before delivery in a recorded message. My delivery time was 7-11. Since I live in a high rise this was not possible. I have called the store, customer service, and the delivery company (which I now leaned is owned by RTG) I have been lied to, supervisors won't return my calls, "have been told to have the furniture delivered another time, well your request is never going to happen".

I did not know business is so good for RTG that they can treat people this way. Today I cancel my RTG credit card. What a shame I am moving to Florida permanently and planned on buying a whole house of furniture. Next stop the newspaper!!!!!

If I had known the current owners had also owned Seamans Furniture I never would have walked in the store. Avoid this store at all costs!!!!!!


I to need to post a comment about Rooms to go. There incredible poor customer service all the way from the store in University North Carolina.

The lady manager rude, disrespectful, nasty and hung up on me. Rooms to go don't know customer service. They don't care at all!!!!!! My first trouble started with being home all day for delivery.

Well, at 8pm they call saying it will be around 10pm or later. So waited all day for them and no furniture. They did deliver the next day. So my other items I had a window of 9am-1pm.

Well, they lady called said they are running late. Ok, she informed me it would be after 3pm. So ok I have time to get some stuff done. Well, I go out and get a phone call from the driver saying he was at my house.

Really it was like 1:15pm. Well, I am not home but can be in like 1/2hr. He said he wasn't going to wait for no 1/2hr. I should of been there.

I informed him of what the lady said. He said he told her not to call to wait. So there you go she didn't listen to him. He then said he would leave it on the front porch.

I said absolutely not. I asked him are you going to be there? He said I am not waiting no 1/2hr. He also said why don't you get off the phone and stop wasting my time an get over here now!!!!!!

WOW really yelling at me talking to a customer like that I was floored. So then I called the store to talk to a manager to make sure I was going to get my stuff. I was upset and explaining to here the situation. I told her she need to call make sure they are going to be there.

She said they have nothing to do with the drivers. I told her if they drop that items off on the front porch they would be coming back to pick everything up. She said sir we won't be doing that with attitude. She also hung up on me.

I called dispatch and one lady completely understood why I was upset. Then she put the other lady on the phone that called me in the first place. She said she never told me after 3pm. so there you go they lie, and pass the buck all the way around.

Then I contact corporate and got blown off by them as well. It was a misunderstanding, well maybe but that is no reason for a truck driver to yell at a customer. I will never buy from them again to put my self through such horrible customer service in my entire life. I need to let you all know.

Please share with other, think twice. I am going to continue to post and put my comments out on the web.


Georgina, you don't know the half of how greedy the owner, Jeffrey Seamans is. He has got to be the most dispicable, contemptable man there is.

He is greedy and I really think he gets off on hurting people. He has put my sister and her family thru ***, and continues to do so by taking everything they own. My brother in law worked for him, Jeffrey had him start a company so he could spy on his employees, and then when my brother in law made money from it, greedy Jeffrey didn't like it and fought for years and finally got him sent to prison for some bogus charge. I think he has federal politicians on his payroll as this is the only way he could make it happen.

Now he is coming after any assets they have. My sister has nothing because this man makes a game out of trying to destroy people. Really Jeffrey, how much money do you need? You can't spend it in ***.

Get used to the heat in Florida because it will be much hotter where you are going. Leave my sister alone you ***.


I could not agree with you more. Rooms to Go might be the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I purchased a bed for my three year old son in May and when it was delivered in June, they put the bed on backwards and one of the legs was incorrect. We contacted the support and they said they could have another leg and someone out to put the bed together correctly in JULY! So, we waited because we didn't have another option. They can out and replaced the leg, however now my son's bed tilts.

So, I call customer support because I no longer want the bed, and of course they tell me I need to contact the manager at the store. So, I try to call him and he is gone, on vacation, or on the other line but will call me back as soon as he's finished.. Or that they will e-mail their corporate office and someone will contact me soon...

Well, it's almost August and I still have nothing. I've never in my life had such a bad experience, what horrible customer service.


We apologize for your frustration with our company. We have emailed you privately and ask that you contact us at and provide contact information so that we may get involved and look into this matter further for you.