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we purchased the beachside denim couch and two chairs...we were givin the fabric protection story(that we fell for) and a year later we're still paying for this mistake. i've had 2 or 3 techs at my house that seemed to know less then i did about the product. six different times they have sent me the wrong replacment products(cushions and covers)and to this day i still havent had anything replaced...the slipcovers wont come clean and the cushions are so flat that we're sitting on the frame which is very uncomfortable and not to mention when we have guests....please dont buy anything from this company!!!!!i think i may go drop this s**t on thier doorstep...cindy crawford should be punched in the face for putting her name on this s**t!!!i think i'll send that bi**h the bill...

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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My cushions also lost all fluff. However the co did come rewrap with additional paddy.

Still to flat. I agree, for the $$$ it should have held up better


Who knows how big you are sitting on the sofa.


I completely agree.. RTG is horrible!!!!

I'm in the vacation rental business. The slip covers are the worst fabric to clean.

The wooden structure is cheaply produced. The sleeper sofa mechanism always breaks and you cannot replace it easily.Also, don't try to return anything read the fine print.


I was about to buy a sofa,and living room set, but after reading all of these reviews, I have changed my mind. My search goes on!!!! Very disappointing


I just experienced a similar issue with Rooms to Go. We purchased the beachside set as well but a white couch and the green loveseat in March of last year.

we recently moved this past weekend and the green loveseat is discolored all over the place. I just hung up the phone with RTG and I was told that I am out of luck that discoloration is not under warranty and that they have not heard of this happening in the past. I was also informed that if you move within a year of purchase you warranty is voided and it is stated in the terms and condition I was told. I told her that is ridiculous and anything purchased regardless should be under a 1 year warranty.

I'm so mad its not even funny! I have been buying furniture from them for over 17 years and never had an issue until now and she said sorry. I told her I would never buy from them again and she responded with ok.

She is sending me the link to purchase a new lip cover which I'm sure it going to cost the same amount as the love seat itself. Cindy Crawford should be ashamed that she put her name on this product and that RTG is doing nothing.

to Melanie M #1429052

We are deeply disappointed to hear this! Please send us an email with your order info to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com and we’d be happy to help any way that we can!

to TellUsRTG #1443853

I sure hope you did rectify this problem, RTG. Your customer service agent may think it was just "one" customer you guys lost, but as I sit here and read this, I have changed my mind about purchasing from you.

I am now going to order a similar set from Ikea instead. That rep should be fired!! I worked CS for 8 years, never would I be so callous.

That kind of behavior should be completely unacceptable!You may want to speak to your CSR team. I can't be the only one who just read this person's complaint and decided to go elsewhere.

to JustMe #1450910

JustMe; We are here to help in any way that we can, please feel free to email us your questions, concerns and or any inputs you may have to Tellus@roomstogo.com. We hope to hear from you soon!


Guess I'm not the only one with problems. My first purchase was this sofa along with sofa table, coffe table, lamps, two chairs and end tables.

The sofa table was cracked. Had to have it replaced. A couple of months later the chairs started coming apart where the arms meet the back. You can feel the unprotected area where the wood is.

They were replaced, but I was blamed and they said I moved them around too much. They had been in the same spots for that time. The second ones did the same. Kept them.

The foam had flattened quickly and one started to fall apart worse. After two years it went to the dump. I still have the other and I've been trying to decide whether to redo it my self or buy another chair. The coffee table is a cover table where the skies fold down to make a large table.

The first time I needed it I opened it to find the finish pitted from some kind of mold that was eating away the finish. The rest of that set has held up, but I want to replace the sofa cover because the pets have done a number on it. That's why I wanted denim. I'm glad I can was it.

It's faded and started to get a couple of holes at the seems.

My neighbor had ordered stuff from rooms to go and they had to come to my house to borrow an electric screw driver.

A little over a year ago we bought a mattress set. The foundation came with a hole in the center of it the size of a fist. Second one had a foot long spot without stitching. The last one came with miss aligned stitching.

We decided to just take it and decided never to buy from their company again. I can't afford to buy crap. We moved here, to Florida, four years ago. We didn't have a Rooms to Go in New York.

It's well advertised and we left most of our furniture behind. I liked the look of what they had to offer. Guess I need to check out the construction of furniture from now on.

Actively looking for replacement chairs at thrift stores. They'll probably last longer.


I purchased the Cindy Crawford Beachside denim blue sofa, chair, and ottoman a little over 6 years ago. I had always wanted a denim sofa, and I really loved this one.

For a while it was just used by me, and now my husband, small poodle, and me. We've slept, eaten, and done most of our school work on it. Over this time, I have washed the slip overs for the pillows, seat cushions, and the ottoman about once a year. I have never washed the big sofa or chair seat cover because I don't think it would fit in my washer.

I do vacuum and occasionally spray Scotch Guard on them.

Overall, I have been pleased with the sofa. For the money and look I was going for, it has held up great. Just this summer, I realized that I'd like to possibly replace the slip covers and the foam if possible.

The chair is faded completely put on the back from sitting in front of a window...my bad! I turn and flip the cushions regularly, but they are no longer as firm as I would like. I found this chain of posts which was helpful in obtaining a number to call, but when I did, the lady told me they no longer make the slip covers for this sofa. I forgot yo ask about the foam cushions.

Currently, I am dyeing all the pieces of the slipcover sets a Rit denim blue, but if anyone has knowledge of a way to still get replacements, I would be interested. Thanks so much.

to Jennifer #1441411

Did dyeing them help? Mine are pitiful after 5 years...

to Mary #1527296

I remembered I wrote this a year ago because I am currently redying just the seat cushion covers and ottoman cover. Those get the most wear.

I was amazingly pleased with my dying process last year. I did every single piece, and they all fit in my washer and dryer.

I ordered the Rit fixative to make the color stay, and all together I probably spent $50 or so... takes a lot of salt too!

to Jennifer #1492726

The chat person at rooms to go said you can purchase extra slip covers from them, yuh can’t pull it up on a mobile device, only on a computer. I’ve had this set for two years and was my white covers all the time!

I’m very pleased. Especially for the cost!

to Sarah #1527302

Yes, I’ve been pleased with mine too, but it was the casual look I was going for all along. I would like to replace the cushions with new foam or something, but they are OK.

My hope is to use this set in a den area one day and get something nicer for a formal living area ... if I ever have a den!

to Jennifer #1558679

Raymour and flanagin - go in and ask customer service. I purchased thru them and was able to get replacement covers for mine.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States #1298494

I purchased the Cindy Crawford Beach Denim Sofa. The sofa is not been used much-but when you sit down on the cushion-you sink right down to the frame on the sides.Not well made at all. Set looks great-but will now have to buy other chairs because I am afraid something will be a problem with them I bought the white Denim-no difference with the color!!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1285668

Wow! was going to order this as it looks nice.

Will look elesewhere. Thanks for the post!

Kodak, Tennessee, United States #1272143

Thanks for the review-I was considering, so glad I saw your info-so sorry for you but I do appreciate your honesty and helping others not to make the same mistake!

Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States #1217628


Winter Park, Florida, United States #1198411

You're lucky to have even received replacement covers. They came to my house and said they would not cover them.

Total waste of money! Told me I had to have them professionally cleaned and THEN they would re-evaluate.

How do you even steam clean denim???? Into the washer they go!

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