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I had several issues with my Rooms to go purchase, starting with the salesman at the Baybrook store. When I FINALLY got my delivery, part of it was wrong.

He had input the wrong item for my dining room set. The table came in two options...I could either get it with the trestled sides or a straight leg. I saw the trestled one at the store and with the leaf in the table, you could fit 10 chairs at the table. I said I loved it and asked if 10 chairs would still fit at the straight leg version.

He said yes and I ordered the straight leg with 10 chairs (two of which were arm chairs for the ends). We ended up NOT getting the chairs we ordered, and the straight leg only seats 8 people instead of 10. They finally sent the correct arm chairs, but not without a BIG fight. They also had to schedule a replacement mattress because the delivery drivers dragged it on the concrete and scraped it up and got it dirty.

All was ok until 2 months into having our furniture, our bed broke. I am not talking about just kind of broke, the whole footboard and left side rail cracked and is unfixable. I called regarding the bed and had to wait 2 weeks to have a "technician" come out and fix the problem. I am supposed to have company in town and called them to ask them to just bring the footboard because we know it is not repairable and were told this cannot happen due to the warranty.

They informed me tht my technician would be out on the designated day between 8-12. The technician showed up around 8:15 and rang the doorbell. I was in the middle of a shower, but got out and dried off and got dressed. By the time I got to the door, he had left.

Apparently he called as well, but unable to hear the phone over the shower, I did not hear it. I called customer service where I talked to a Dave and Dave was NO help. Not only was he NO help, but he told me that a technician wouldn't be able to be back for two more weeks. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, he refused to let me.

He kept asking me why I wanted to talk to one and i said that will be between me and them. After holding for 5 minutes, he transferred me to a voicemail. I will NEVER shop at that cheap, good for nothing, joke of a business again.

Their customer service is ridiculous, their salesman are idiots, and their products are a class below anything you would get at WalMart.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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We sincerely apologize for the disappointment you encountered while working with our customer service. We see that this is being addressed by our senior CS staff.

If there is any further issues, feel free to email us at TellUs@RoomsToGo.com "Attention Pissed Consumer". Again we apologize and look forward to better serving you in the future.