Metairie, Louisiana
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Terrible business practices! RTG is trying to steel $850 from my elderly parents.

The store manager was never available the 3 times my parents went in to return the mattress that was certified "defective" by RTG rep that went to their home. The only seemingly honest person there was the assistant manager who told me that I could use the store credit for the return, because my mom never wants to step foot in the store again. So today I went in to use the credit ($700 because they will not take back the mattress cover that cost $50 and the delivery fees are non refundable.) And I was told by the store manager who just happened to be there when I went in that I could not make a purchase that my mom would have to come in and do it!!!! I stood right there a week ago and was told that I could do it!!!

So the store manager told me that the assistant manager "caved" and he should not have told me that. Don't shop at RTG.

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rooms to go is a rip off! they have not exchanged our defective furniture in over a month! they are the worst company I have ever dealt with and I am so sorry I ever shopped there!!!!!!!!!!


Hello NoLaLo, I know exactly what you are going through. Try these guys, I went to them and they helped me when no one else would.

They will take good care of you!


I understand your frustration and apologize for the run-around that you received. If possible, please email us the order details at so that we can look more into your experience.