Belton, Texas
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We had ordered a new bed and mattress set from RTG and opted to pick up the furniture at the store when it came in so we would not have to wait on delivery trucks which are reported to be early or late frequently. When we arrived to pick these items up the wrapping around the mattress had holes in it and the mattress was dirty - voiding any warranty.

Though the manager agreed the warranty was void, when we said we would not be taking that one and instead would wait on them to have another one shipped that is not dirty the manager was rude and argumentative. We insisted we were not taking a dirty mattress and arrangements were made to pick up a different one week later. A week later we arrived to pick up the mattress set and AGAIN THE WRAPPING WAS TORN AND THE MATTRESS WAS DIRTY ALL ALONG THE SIDES. I thought it was the same mattress from the prior week until they showed us the other mattress still in the connex!

We refused to take it and instead asked for a refund as neither of us wanted to wait and see if they could get it right on the third try. And be careful, when refunding our money they tried to short us..

maybe an honest mistake but after everything else it was just another reason we will never shop there again. When paying for new furniture, it should not arrive looking like it was rolled in the dirt!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You are lucky they agreed to refund your money at all. Those scammers deliver damaged or defective furniture and then claim a no returns policy. Total crooks.