Brandon, Florida

Ok, so on 7-22-13 my wife and I made a purchase at the Altamonte Springs location. Oh my what a mistake.

We purchase a sofa loveseat and chair. Order #********. However that order number is the wrong order, they had us down for the brown furniture and we verified that we ordered the stone furniture as per my invoice SKU# 1543030p. I was called by a Fabian from the store and told since we changed our order to the stone we would not get our furniture as per our agreement!

I told him that was unacceptable as I would like what we purchased on the date in which we agreed. He told me I would have to call customer service and clear it up? I thought I was the paying customer, why should I have to do the leg work. I asked to speak to the Manager (Lisa) he told me she was with a customer and besides, everything he told me was relayed from her?

So I called the 800-766-6786 number. I talked to a lady who’s name I think was britley. I found this girl VERY unhelpful and RUDE! I asked for her supervisor and was passed to a Charlene, This lady was even worse and talked to me like a parole officer or something, but absolutely not like a paying customer!

I asked for her supervisor and she said she did not have one? So was I talking to the owner of rooms to go??? I asked to speak to the district manager of the Altamonte store and was told they don’t have phone numbers and they will submit my request via email and I would get a response within 48 hours but only if I talked to store manager first, (the same person who relayed a conversation to me through a new employee?) Why are the district managers shielded that much? Is there that many complaints on Rooms To Go that their call need to be screened?

I eventually called Lisa back who in essence gave me a bunch of excuses as to why she could not talk to me to begin with but this time started to look into my issue after I had to take pictures of my order papers and message them to her phone. I don’t understand that as I gave her all the information off of it. So in a nut shell I GUESS my furniture will be here on time now that I have had to spend an hour and a half of my own time as I was home sick for the day, dealing with extremely rude and frustrating ladies in the CUSTOMER SERVICE dept. Trust me when I tell you these ladies are not doing you any favors in that dept.

I deal with customers all day every day, they need to understand people get upset, to be a customer service rep, you need empathy not a short fuse. And Charlene to be a supervisor in that department, I don’t even know what to say about that. End result, one very angry first and last time customer.

I have been buying from Ashley’s for many years, I thought their product quality was slipping and tried Rooms 2 Go. One thing Ashley’s does have is a HIGH customer experience level.

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We are terribly sorry for the experience you are having with your order. We have confirmed that we have addressed a resolution thanks to you providing the information in other forums.

As well, we look forward to delivering the correct items to you as currently scheduled.

If you have any current concerns since yesterday’s communication, please let us know at “Attention Pissed Consumer”. Again, we apologize for how this has transpired thus far and look forward to better serving you in the future.


I have just come across this web page and am very sorry to hear about your situation. On behalf of the company, I apologize. I work at ShopHQ (ShopNBC) and would like the opportunity to get you immediately to some support that you deserve. If you would like my help, please provide me an email address I will contact you directly. Since this is a public forum, I can not give out my email address, but I would suggest you create a temporary GMail account in which to provide to me so I can contact you.

Thank you and regards,



Thank you so much, was going there tomorrow. I think Ill try one of the other 20 furniture places on that road.Thanks