Gainesville, Florida
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I went to the Rooms To Go outlet store in Gainesville,Fla today. I have to say great store and great customer service.

I bought 2 pieces of art. Oh my gosh trying to get out of the store was a nightmare. They said I could not carry them out with me that I had to pick them up at the side door. I went to the side door and the guy said "I will be back" so we waited.

The art was right there. When he came back he wanted my ID and printed some papers out and wanted my tag #. He saw me in the store buying this stuff and I was the only one in there that bought anything.

This store policy is terrible. I will not go back there until this is changed and that's a shame because the sales staff is so friendly.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Rooms To Go Pros: Salesman.

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Sorry to hear about this. I would be happy to get your order info if you are able to send it to me at