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Dear Mr.Seaman,

My name is Eboni Johnson and I am contacting you regarding a terrible experience I had with your delivery staff at 6:30am today.

I am terribly disappointed at the service I received this morning. I have been trying to get in contact with a supervisor within your customer service department center since 8:00am and have repeatedly been told I would be called back shortly; it's almost noon.

I'll provide you with the details of this situation and I'm really hoping this individual is fired!

I purchased a $1300 king sized mattress that was supposed to be delivered between the hours of 7 and 11am EST today. I was called at 6:08am and was told they would arrive in 10 minutes. Early but no problem it will allow me to get to work on time.

They put 2 plastic box springs up against my wall and handed me my mattress protector and said have a nice day.

I asked "Where's my mattress?"

Response "We didn't know you ordered one; I'll be right back."

Two minutes later Juan (or maybe his name is Julio) returned to tell me "i don't see it; they must have forgotten it. I'll have someone call you, bye.)

Me: "No, you call someone right here and now. If you can’t reach anyone take everything and I'll just get a refund and shop elsewhere."

Juan: "Ok, i need to move my truck."

Five minutes later I'm look to see what;s taking so long; only to see that they truck is gone. I call him on his cell five times; i ask why he left because he knew I did not want half of my delivery and I requested he take it back.

Juan: I don;t do what the customers tell me; I have to finish my route.

There was 5 minutes of back and forth then i finally asked for his and the managers' name. He confidently gave me that information and said " That won;t do anything to me!"

His cell phone number is: 770-572-8201 for your identifications purposes.

Anyway, he appears at my door about an hour later with my mattress. Throws it in my room up against the wall where the plastic covered box springs are resting and proceeds to leave. I told him not to leave without removing the plastic and setting the mattresses up.

So, they put the box springs down still covered in plastic; removed the outer plastic on the king mattress (leaving one layer of plastic on) and placed it upside down on the box springs and left!

I am a single woman that CANNOT possibly remove the plastic from these items AND flip the king sized mattress right-side up.

The attitude of your staff is horrible and suggests that the culture at Rooms to Go is:

We don't; care about our customers

We don't care if you complain because there are no consequences for or actions

I am astonished and disgusted by the blatant disregard and lack of respect that was displayed in my home this morning by your staff. Not to mention, I have yet to receive a call back to from a supervisor regarding my concerns.

I expect to have someone come to my house and pick up this mattress and its entirety because I refuse to patronize a business that is so discourteous to people.


Eboni Johnson

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rooms To Go Cons: I would never purchase another item from rtg.

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I purchased a Sterns & Foster mattress from Sears in Sept 2009. Since then it has been warranty replaced 5 times due to sagging & coils breaking. One time they brought out a mattress with a stain on it, YES a stain!! They offered me a discount but I knew that the warranty would be void with a stain so I refused it. Another time they brought the wrong mattress out!

I'm in the process of yet another replacement due to the coils failing. I've been told to go pick out another mattress and if it's more I'll have to pay the difference, but if it's less I don't get a refund. Kinda like buying a sports car and ending up with a pinto.

I paid 1179.99 for this mattress, but the last replacement they adjusted the price due to a price increase. So they are only giving me a credit of $1104.99. Add insult to injury, each replacement they charge 69.99 delivery, why should I incure a cost when they are selling *** quality products!

I am VERY dissatisfied with Sears!