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My dealings at the Rooms to Go in The Woodlands TX store was horrible.. I bought 3500.00 dollars worth of furnitures with the understanding that the furniture would be delivered by a stated date. Both the sales person and manager agreed and promised that my furniture would be delivered by the given date.

I gave the sales person my % down in the form of a check. The wait to process the order was almost 2 hours. The excuse was, the sales person was new and the office staff was new. The manager repeatedly had to be called during the process of my order. I was told by the manager that he would call me the next day with confirmation of the delivery date and time.

The next day arrived and I stayed home by the phone awaiting a call from Rooms To Go, guess what, no call. I checked my checking account and the deposit to Rooms To Go had already been taken out of my account. I truely felt at this point that something fishy was going on.

I went to the store the following day. I spoke with a different manager. He said the the original sales person and 1st manager had no right to promise the delivery date that was stated, that this was totally impossible... My reply was to cancel my order and to give me my deposit back. This manager said that they would cancel my order. ( I was with in the 48 hrs). But I would have to call the main office and request my money which would take 4 to 6 weeks..

I called customer service and recieved a " I'm sorry but thats policy". So now I have no new furniture, no money to put down. And when I went to another store my credit report shows the Rooms To Go credit and my report looks like I am over extended.

Its been 4 weeks, still no money from Rooms To Go. The sales person and 1st manager were total liers just to get the sale. I truely believe they thought that when my deposit was processed and out of my account that I would not back out of the deal. The 2nd manager was a total condesending ***. And the customer service person sounded like she was suffering from a prozac overdose.

If you do not heed my warning and stay away from Rooms To Go, be smart and put your deposit down with a credit card so you can stop the transfer. Remember you only have 48 hrs to cancel your order, or you will be stuck with having to deal with these morons.

When I was leaving the store after I had bought my furniture, there was what I thought at the time to be a crazy lady in there who was being escorted out of the store. As she passed each customer she would say "Don't buy at Rooms To Go, they will ***". Hindsite shows no truer words could have been spoken...

Monetary Loss: $400.


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I read this after we bought a living room set..so far so good but I am so sorry for the bad experiences.

One of the legs our our chair looks broken..they are suppose to come out next week to look at it

Spring, Texas, United States #1227151

Thanks for this info. That's the beauty of the internet. They had a table I wanted, but will not order from them now that I've read this.


I've spent $5800 here and my experience was totally great, I cant say enough about it.The sales person was awesome, explaining all the different ways you could swap out stools, chairs, tables etc.

and how you could opt out of getting the free TV and applying that $800 towards my purchase. It saved us by applying that toward our purchase plus we got 20% off the total price for paying upfront along with the sales discount already. The office side of it was very chipper, helpful and pleasant to deal with.

I've gotta say it was a total great buy, experience and great furniture that we purchased.Kudo's to Rooms to Go :)

to Anonymous #1299929

you are very lucky.I had the total opposite experience and will post it fully.

Very poor customer service and not of the "departments" (Sales, Delivery, Customer service, etc) talk to each other.

They each tell you something different.Very frustrating and disappointing.


I received a sofa bed from RTG and unbeknownst to me and my husband it was full of bed bugs.How do I know that...because I never saw a bed bug in my life until that sofa entered my house.

We called RTG and told them what happened and they said they are not responsible for bed bugs because everything they have is sealed. We threw the $1,000.00 sofa bed in the trash and are still making monthly payments and fighting bed bugs. We have paid Orkin $900.00 so far and we are still fighting bed bugs 3 months later.

Beware of RTG as you may also get bugs to go with your purchase.

Signed - Bugged out in Plantation, Florida


The Woodlands store is a joke I bought a dining table, dresser, and a King size bed.The only thing that wasnt broke was the dresser.

The dinning table was sent to me two times broken and I had to threaten the manager with a lawsuit before they would do anything.

I am still waiting on the drawer for my Master Bed that was delivered broken its been 3 months now!I really think we need to file a class action lawsuit against this store.


I have a relative that has been screwed by rooms to go Woodlands store, we want to sue in small claims court, does anyone know if this is a franchise and if so who is the owner? Maybe we need to get a class action suit going.


Thank you to everyone for your reviews.It seems that this company has received much more negative feedback than positive feedback.

And, I am not just going by what was said here. Many other review sites pretty much say the same thing. That Rooms to Go has crappy customer service, lousy delivery timing and poor quality. I almost bought a mattress from them.

But, after reading all the reviews from various sites, forget it. My first red flag was that, when I called over the phone, the salesman told me that I could redeem a coupon for $1200.00 off my purchase. Not bothering to tell me that I would have to purchase over $1000.00 worth of merchandise by Tuesday. I spoke to him late Sunday afternoon.

In the long run, your opinion does count.Thank you, again.


We purchased a kids full size bed set which was delivered by two dumb ***.They dropped a dresser splitting it set it up not telling me it's destroyed.

They didn't put all the bolts in the bed and left it 1/2 installed. They didn't want to screwing the handles to all the dressers. They were leaving when I had to call the delivery driver and ask where the mattress cover is that we bought and he replied that it was still in his truck. He turned around and came back to my house and gave me the cover and after I asked him to put handle on.

That's when I saw the dresser was split. I still do not have all the bolts for my kids bed and the rooms to go delivery supervisor promised a new dresser a month or so ago and we still do not have one. I would have done better to go to take my $1500 and flush it down the toilet because atless I would have keep his old furniture.

It was ugly but not 1/2 way bolted together and split up.Plus I would not have to pay money to somebody and be lied to.


bigest scams free tv . dont buy if you decide to cancell you loss your down payment.

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