Boca Raton, Florida
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I purchased thousands of dollars of furniture and financed much of it at 0%. Sounds good...I have a few years to pay back $5,000.00,HOWEVER, I was not only over charged for my furniture, but I was charged outrageous amounts for delivery in what I believe was RTG's effort to justify over $1,000.00 over charge on their credit card.

If this is not enough to make your blood boil, they also charged me a few hundred dollars for stain protection on FAKE leather chairs. Are you kidding me? And there is more. My sales girl, Terri Tisch is not there any more.

I have called the store countless times and no one ever calls me back, I visited the store and met with an alleged book keeper who was supposed to get back to me about these issues as well as other issues, and I am still waiting for a call back. Let me mention, I have since moved back to New York, but I am always in Florida visiting, as my daughter lives there. I have been given the run around and in the mean time, I am out way over $1,000.00. I even told them to give it to me in a store credit and I would give it to my daughter, but I never received not even a call back!

I should have written this a while ago.

Shame on you!

PS every piece of furniture was delivered damaged. Some were taken back and others repaired, but I was not happy with the repairs!

Bonnie Allen

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Rooms To Go Cons: Constant lies i got from managers and reps, Are not offering any way to fix the problem, Being ignored and lied to.

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I feel you! The famous run around, lies, un-returned phone calls.

They should be ashamed to treat people like this. I will be bad mouthing them forever!


All I can say as a consumer is that when I went to rooms to go and I used Terri Tisch many times my experience with furnishings and customer service was stellar. I also recently purchased a mattress from Terri as she's gone to city mattress in Wellington and I continue to be extremely pleased.

I'm glad you wrote this as I am not going back to rooms to go under any circumstances. Thanks for the heads up as you have saved me aggravation and money Beverly Mandell


Funny, you put your sales girls name out there, but didn't have the balls to put yourself out. Curious.


If every piece was delivered damaged, why did you sign for any of it rather than send it all back to the store? You can't be upset about the delivery fee now, by complaining about alleged damaged furniture" you chose to accept.


Sorry to hear about this Bonnie! Care to share the above details along with your order info with us at