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Rooms to go is the worst experience I have ever had with a furniture place!! I got a living room set beck in December of 2015 for my dad who is .

It took them 6 weeks to deliver it and the recliner that they brought with the set was incorrect. They left the wrong recliner and gave us another month to wait on the correct recliner.. we needed a powered recliner . Rooms to go called 3 times to make sure we got the correct POWERED recliner on order.

Today rooms to go delivered our long awaited recliner and it was incorrect NOT POWERED AGAIN.***** UPDATE**** i called costumer service to see what the problem was. They tell me after waiting for 3 months that they don't have a POWERED Recliner. I should go to the store. I go to the store and they tell me to call customer service.

SO WHY i ask would i be waiting for 3 months for a POWER recliner that doesn't exist. We sent it back 3 time. had it ordered 3 times so that they can tell me in February that we have been waiting on a recliner that they don't even have. I want my money back and this living room gone ASAP!!!

Family and friend I Hope you never shop in this furniture store. I will also make sure to go on every website that rooms to go has and give you the amazing review that you need

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Rooms To Go Pros: Our sales person.

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All the furniture is junk please don't buy half of these people you're going to have problems


All they do is sell trash all the furniture is garbage I bought a leather living room is a suit all the level came off within a year do not buy anything for these people they are nothing but garbage


Sorry to hear about your experience. We were able to see your other posts and have responded. Hope to hear back from you soon!


Your furniture and customer service SUCKS!!! You may have beautiful showrooms, but it's all smoke and mirrors!

An hour after my "new" sofa was delivered, my 180lb husband sat down and the frame in the couch collapsed! The chest of drawers you delivered had someone else's stuff in it!!! Obviously, this was USED furniture.

If I wanted used furniture, I would have gone to the Salvation Army! I steer as many people as possible away from buying from you.


This sounds horrible, and definitely not the experience we expect our customers to receive. We'd love to get your feedback. Care to send us the details and your order info to