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It has taken me four days to get in touch with someone at RTG. #1, the bed is too heavy, it leaves the carpet underneath to wrinkle.

I have fallen twice by tripping over the carpet. First time I fell it took me 45 minutes to get up. Second time I fell same problem, tripping over the carpet. Also, the base of the bed has boards around the bottom of the bed.

Being handicapped, I cannot reach making my bed properly. I keep stubbing my toes. So, RTG suggested that I change the boards to metal rails. I said fine, they said I had to pick out a different headboard.

I did that but was told I had to put the bed together myself. How in hells name can I put this together. Trying to get someone to talk to is disgusting, I was put on hold so many times, I was disconnected 5 times, given the wrong number to call information. Monday morning I plan on calling, Jeffrey Seaman, CEO and Jerry Alderman.

Their number is 813-623-****.

If I get no satisfaction there, Im calling the local TV stations. I want them to come into my home and see what Im talking about.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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