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My wife and I bought a dinette set from the Newnan, GA Rooms To Go store; salesman Calvin Smith was WONDERFUL. We set a Friday delivery date and we were given a delivery window of 2-6 pm. We put our Friday afternoon plans on hold.


Friday 6 pm came and went without a phone call though they had our numbers. I had to call the store to get an explanation; the NEW window was now 4-8pm. Evening plans cancelled. About 7 pm, Kathy at dispatch gives us a NEW, NEW delivery window 9-10pm. In an age of cell phones and GPS apps, she claimed she couldn’t locate the delivery crew. At 9pm, Josh from dispatch called and said that our delivery would NOT be made due to a crew injury, BUT that the delivery manager would call us first thing next morning for redelivery options.

Friday plans between 2–10 pm completely shot. That's 8 hours- a complete work day.


About 9 am Saturday, delivery manager Ray Taylor called but was incapable locking down a new delivery day- Tuesday OR Wednesday! Why? YET AGAIN he was unable of locating the trailer that held our dinette set! Someone tell these people about cell phones and GPS apps! We told him those two days were NOT options as I’d be out of state and my wife had plans away from home. When we threatened to call the store manager and cancel our purchase, Mr. Taylor was apathetic, indifferent, unconcerned, and unapologetic; he simply said "okay" and then hung up.

We called Calvin Smith at the Newnan store and he connected us to store manager Eric Blank. He said he’d make some calls for possible Sunday delivery and get back to us; he did call back and gave us a NEW, NEW, NEW delivery time of Sunday 1-5 pm. At my request, he correctly took off the delivery and stain guard fees.


Around 12 pm Sunday, Newnan store manager Eric Blank called and said that he would monitor the progress of our delivery, but told us it would likely be there around 4 pm. He called at 3:40 pm and gave us a NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW delivery time of 5 pm. At 5:10 pm, Mr. Blank said the NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW delivery time would now be 6-6:30 pm because he just got through talking to the delivery driver.

Sunday 6:30 pm came and went WITHOUT A CALL FROM ANYONE. The dinette set NEVER ARRIVED. To this date, no official explanation has ever been given.


Now on my business trip, I called Mr. Eric Blank for an explanation for the second delivery failure. He said that “things happen and it just didn't get done.” He refused to take more than $25 more off the purchase. When I informed him that this I was a FIRST TIME Rooms To Go customer and that I had dealt with Ashley Furniture and American Signature Furniture with NO delivery issues, Mr. Blank QUALIFIED their delivery failures by saying that ALL furniture companies have problems and that we were just unlucky. When I asked if there was someone beyond him or delivery manager Ray Taylor to whom I could file my grievances, he said, "Sure, there's VP of Deliveries/Shipping James Mullett; but not only is he out of YOUR reach, he won't care." When I brought up the 16 HOURS that Rooms To Go kept us at our house for two delivery failures, he simply offered to refund our money.

My wife and I cancelled our order on a dinette set we really wanted in our home. All charges were refunded to our credit card.


Rooms To Go has good product, good salesmanship, but pathetically incompetent customer support and operations. Rooms To Go is obviously a sales-driven company where the customer is valued up until a credit card number is attained. After that, this customer was treated as a thorn in their side to be tolerated. Well, Ashley Furniture and American Signature Furniture just retained a customer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Rooms To Go Cons: Delivery service, Customer service, Incompetence.

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This sounds awful! I would be just as frustrated if this happened to me. Would you be able to send me your order info to Tellus@Roomstogo.com so I can look into this and help out anyway I can?