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29 Nov 2010 I Purchased furniture $5000.00( Lamps Back Order delivery

date 25 Feb 2011)

30 Nov 2010 purposed delivery time I was told will be 6:00PM. I waited until 8:00PM then I received a call I wasn't going to get my furniture until tomorrow. 31 Nov 2010 Furniture delivered 11:00AM after the delivery guys left my home a customer service rep called me and wanted me to do a survey over the phone. When I started to tell about the problem I had the day before she said the survey wasn't for what happen the day before when they failed to deliver my furniture she said that this survey was for only the delivery guys today. (customer survey should cover the customer total experience from time of purchase until delivery.

20 Feb 2011 Received a call pushing back delivery date from 21 Feb 2011 to March 29,2011 (witch added 4 more weeks onto the already 11 weeks been waiting)

28 Mar 2011 8:00PM the night before my lamps were to be delivered the next day I Received a phone call pushing the delivery date back to 05 April 2011 ( witch add 1 more week onto the already 15 weeks been waiting). The phone call was from Rooms To Go warehouse in Brookshire TX which is 3 hours away from me (by car). The Room To Go warehouse in Brookshire informed me that my order (Lamps) was in their warehouse and wasn't going to be delivered until next Tuesday at the earliest (1 week). I told the customer service rep at the warehouse that i was a marine and I was headed back to the Middle East for a year. I also told this service rep. that I live alone I have no relatives nor friends in Austin TX since I recently relocated there. The only help I got from the warehouse was to contact the customer service at the store where I purchased the furniture, and when I tried to call the store customer service they was closed. I went online and sent the Rooms To Go customer service department a email voicing my unhappiness with their service and all I got back was the usual we're sorry for the inconvenience and started placing the blame on the manufacture of the lamps. The following morning I called the Rooms To Go store where I purchased the furniture and informed them what was going on with my lamps and also my situation time restraints. The only thing they was willing to do for me is try to get the lamps put on a truck and shipped to the store near me but they need not know when it was going to get there (this was Tuesday and I leave Saturday morning. The other option the customer service rep gave me was me driving to the warehouse and picking up the lamps. I agreed to drive and pickup the lamps but the Rep. told me it would have to be Friday between the hours of 10am and 8pm, I ask the Rep why can i not drive there now she said that it would have to be by appointment only, and earliest she can get me in was Friday. So now I got to drive 3 hours to pickup lamps and 3 hours back home get ready to fly out in 13 hours. I took a chance excepting the delay for this back order again I'm not a civilian where is I'm at home everyday. I have no family here in Austin, when I am back in the country I live alone I needed the lamps either overnighted to the nearest store here in Austin are to my address. Rooms To Go need nothing to help the situation, they didn't care I will never recommend nor tell my family or friends where I purchased my furniture from. I went above and beyond being a Patience customer. VERY VERY PISSED OFF MARINE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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I completely understand your frustration, and apologize for the inconvenience that the delay shipment has caused. If you can email us your order details at, we can then look further into your account in regards to your experience.