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This is in regards to an order that I received today. It is 5:30 a.m., Saturday morning, and I was very excited last night when I went to go to sleep on my new Serta Perfect Sleeper Secluded Oaks that I had delivered that afternoon from Rooms to Go. This morning it is a different story. I was hoping to sleep in late since it was a Saturday, but as you see I am up very early e-mailing you. Last night was the WORST night sleep that I have had in a long time. On your website, this mattress is described as "ultra plush", but there is NOTHING plush about it. In the description there is NOTHING mentioned about it being firm, and this bed is so hard my back hurts this morning. I have tossed and turned ALL NIGHT. I should have followed my gut instinct and ordered the king size Largo Vista because I have tried it out in the store and it was exactly what I was looking for. I, unfortunately, went with the Secluded Oaks because I only had $1000 limit on my Rooms to Go card and the descriptions on the website for both mattresses were very similar.

When Rooms to Go called yesterday to ask me about my delivery experience, I said it was fine because there were no issues with the mattress being set up, but I do want to state that I ordered a king size bedroom suit from Ashley Furniture that was delivered yesterday right before Rooms to Go came with my mattresses. The experience from Ashley was way more professional than Rooms to Go. They called ahead when they were at the delivery stop right before me and stated they would be there in about an hour. Rooms to Go did not call ahead. Ashley had my pieces of furniture neatly wrapped up and had no problem getting everything off the truck. The inside of the Rooms to Go truck from what I could see from my porch looked like a tornado had hit it. There were boxes scattered everywhere and it took the delivery guys 15 minutes to get the mattress and box spring off the truck. Ashley set my furniture up with ease and checked all the furniture to make sure there were no issues. They then took pictures of the set up with an I-pad. They then had me sign several pieces of paper and one of them was on the I-pad. Although there were no issues with the set up of my mattresses from Rooms to Go, I only signed one piece of crumpled up paper and the delivery guy did not even have a pen. He said it was in his truck. So instead of going and getting it I had to dig around in my purse for a pen. There is definitely not much comparison between Ashley and Rooms to Go with Ashley being the much better experience!

I am VERY UNHAPPY with this Secluded Oaks mattress and my whole experience from Rooms to Go. Unfortunately, I do not have cash available to get a mattress from somewhere else and have to use my Rooms to Go account. Please let me know ASAP what I need to do to return this mattress and get the Largo Vista or one similar that is ACTUALLY plush like it is described.

Update: I never received an e-mail response from Rooms to Go so I called and spoke with an internet sales representative named Jimmy. He basically told me that the mattress was probably firm because it was new and I needed to wait until it was broke in then I would feel the plushness. What?! He then went on to tell me that I could order a different mattress and that Rooms to Go would deliver it and pick up the one I am dissatisfied with for another delivery fee. Again, what? Why should I have to pay for a mattress to be picked up and a new set delivered because Rooms to Go had an inaccurate description on their website. I will be telling everyone I know NEVER to use Rooms to Go. They do not stand behind their product and the customer service is AWFUL!!

Caroline Graham


Product or Service Mentioned: Serta Perfect Sleeper Ultra Plush Mattress.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rooms To Go Cons: Customer service and delivery, False advertising.

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I will so have to agree with you I'm having a horrible experience right now myself same thing but a different mattress I bought the ultra plush it's firm was told I would need to break it in... I'm so over rooms to go extremely disappointed


Totally agree with customer. The mattress is listed as a plush mattress.

I am a small person, 5'6" and weigh 145. I tried a well worn Secluded Oaks mattress on the showroom floor and it was almost like laying on a sheet of plywood. I ultimately went with the Largo Vista mattress. Much better and is very plush/soft.

PS: Stay away for Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge Lake Hughes.

Simmons is of very poor quality and will sink and inner foam will seperate leaving rolls of foam under the cloth cover. I had to return the Simmons within 3 1/2 months of owning it.


I ordered that exact mattress in December it's now February and I haven't had a full nights sleep since not to mention the back pain and my wife's sciatica has been horrible since . I sleep on the couch more than in the bed


Having worked in the mattress industry it takes 30-60 day for a foam hybrid mattress like that to break in fully. The ones on the show room have been used for god knows how long and have been broken in.

To think it will feel like that fright out of the box is absurd.

So I agree with the rep. On this one.


This was an e-mail that I sent to Rooms to Go at 5:30 this morning.