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While this happened a while ago, I just located this site and wanted to vent my own complaints about Rooms To Go. Back in October 2009, my wife and I purchased our first house.

We went to Rooms To Go to get a living room set. We found a great combination set that included the couch, oversized chair, large ottoman, two side tables and a coffee table. When the set was delivered it looked great and we were quite content. We even signed up for extra coverage to protect our purchase (or so we thought).

Over a short time (7 - 8 months or so) we noticed some severe fraying of the main couch cushions and especially the ottoman. We called the service desk and we were greeted by a representative who clearly had no interest in her job or helping us. She did, however, send out a tech to look at what was happening. The tech arrived and did his inspection and even he agreed with us that the fraying on the couch and ottoman were not normal.

2 or 3 weeks later, we received a call saying that a tech would be out to replace the ottoman top. When I asked about the couch, another rather unpleasant rep informed me that it was determined that they considered that "normal wear and tear". Mind you, this couch is less than a year old, the cushions are pulling and fraying from us SITTING on the couch, which in my mind, is what the purpose of the particular piece of furniture was built for. Of course, no matter what I said, the rep wouldn't bend.

When the next tech came out to replace the ottoman top, he also agreed that the fraying was not normal. So now, we are stuck with a couch that, albeit comfortable, looks like Wolverine has went to town on it. After this incident, we vowed to never return to RTG as their furniture is of very low quality. may have noticed that I mentioned the protection plan we purchased for our furniture...well, despite being told it was complete coverage, it only covered the frame of the couch and chair and nothing else.

So don't be suckered into picking one of those up if you, like me, had the misfortune of dealing with this company.

Side note: I have a sectional couch that was given to me by my parents years ago that is now roughly 20+ years old...and it is in better shape that the couch I received from RTG...and this includes going through 4 being from NY to NC.

Apparently RTG's definition of "normal wear and tear" is if you sit on it once.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Thank you for your feedback. Rooms To Go is very proud of the services that we offer, but unfortunately cannot offer our services towards your request as it appears to be too far outside of the warranty period that we provide. Evidence of this is the fact that we seek out comments such as yours so that we can see if we do have room to assist the customer in any way possible.


My location is NC...not Philly...not sure why that happened