Houston, Texas

I bought a mattress and couch from rooms to go in February if 2012. My couches came off the showroom floor which gave them no warranty.

I was ok with this because I replace my couches every couple if years. I was told by my sales man on the mattress purchase that I had to buy mattress box spring bed frame and mattress cover to get warranty on mattress. I purchased all 4. I figured I just built my home and I wanted everything too of the line.

My mattress looks like a roller coaster. I called in for a warranty technician to come out and they did not show up the day as scheduled. I called in the next morning and they told me he would be out that day. 2 days of work missed and he finally showed up in the afternoon.

He was here for all of 5 minutes. Threw a tape measure form the top to bottom and measured 2 spots! He threw my mattress around ripping my bed skirt and told me I need to rotate mattress regularly. I got out my sewing machine and repaired the bed skirt which was not a big deal to me.

This bed is non sleep able and feels like cottage cheese balls underneath you. I got a call from customer service on Saturday from the customer service which said they have the readings on the mattress and to call Monday through Friday to speak to a customer service rep. Ok! I called back Thursday Feb.14,2013 and the lady said we do not guarantee comfort and your mattress is fine.

I understand everyone has different comfort levels but my bed isn't a comfort issue its a cotton wad issue all over the bed. They are going to send another tech out but was told I was not going to get much of a different reading. My couches after 1 year are completely worn out on the tops and its only me and my husband using them and both weigh under 175 lbs. I took these Under the knowledge that they had no warranty so I have to live with the decision I made.

This furniture is of very cheap poor quality! It's sad you walk into a store and pay almost 3000 dollars and get products like this.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Did you notice that they only people who has any thing good to say about Rooms to Go are their own employee's who respond after ever post trying to justify the junk they sell. I have never heard any customer of Rooms to Go say anything good about them. Their furniture is cheap junk.


I'm not surprised in the least bit. My mattress wore out after 2 years.

The tech came and I got a replacement BUT I had to pay 100 DOLLARS FOR DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!! For their defective product. Now here I am 9 months later and the replacement is worn out!! I'm beyond pissed.

I will not be paying another 100 dollars for them to deliver another mattress.My back is killing me and I want to choke these people!!!!!!!!!!! :(


I’m shocked to hear about the experience you had not only with the service appointment scheduling but also with the technician in the home. We would never expect anything like this to happen and if you should ever experience anything like it again in the future, please do not hesitate to let us know.

When evaluating a mattress for a manufacturer defect our technicians evaluate the set according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. In order for a mattress to be considered defective and a claim to be accepted by their offices, a large impression must be found that meets or exceeds what the manufacturer considers to be defective.

From the information you provided it sounds like we have a second evaluation set up to come out to the home, but if you want to take a look over the account for you as well, please let us know over at Tellus@Roomstogo.com with your order information.